Some people say that a person’s success is as a direct result of the way they were brought up by their parents. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, some believe
play a curial role in their children’s success significantly. It is an inevitable fact that
idea is caused by the
learning atmosphere and
teachers. I strongly agree that
can show the best or the worst ways to their children and change their lives simply.
To begin
are the
teachers. Newborn babies grow up under their
’ attention and they will learn a variety of vital methods, points and solutions from their mothers and fathers.
For instance
, in my country, the majority of youth always listen to their
' advice and do not make major decisions without consulting with them.
have been affecting their adolescents’ lifestyles unconsciously.
, students especially in primary schools have to adapt to their schools and conditions. The
try to choose the best schools, atmospheres and tutors for their children due to their personal opinions which will impact their educational environment.
For example
, some
in poor or developing countries have been deciding to immigrate to developed countries because they want to create the best situations for children’s learning and wellbeing.
, teenagers’ behaviours are caused by their educational systems which are chosen by
. To sum up, these days, scientists argue that loads of girls’ and boys’ futures are affected by their mothers' and fathers' decisions. Despite the importance of friends’ roles in our lives, our
have the most significant influence. In my opinion, if
try to increase their knowledge about teenagers’ habits, hobbies and priorities, they will lead them in the correct ways.
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