Prison is the common way most countries try to solve the problem of crime. However, a more effective solution is to provide the public a better education. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

An immensely controversial phenomenon in the contemporary epoch today relates to whether imprisonment is a better solution to restrict crime or
. I believe that to some extent we should consider both for a peaceful future and
essay will illustrate my point in more detail. On the one hand,
is the fundamental building block of a society. People who acquire
tend to be well-mannered and possess empathy towards other humans.
, educational institutes are not only critical for the studies of children, but they
teach them about discipline and the concept of differentiating between right and wrong.
For instance
, according to a survey conducted by Harvard University, 90% of the prisoners are illiterate and have never been to school.
On the other hand
, it is crucial for the law enforcement agencies to implement and maintain law and order in the country and for
, the reason they must curtail the crime by putting pupils involved in illicit activities behind the bars.
For example
, will you let your children play with the boys involved in drugs?
, persons like serial killers should be kept away from society so that they can never harm anyone.
In addition
to that, schools
train candidates to do the right doings and prohibit them from wrongdoing. In conclusion, to recapitulate the aforementioned arguments
is the key to solving many problems.
, it is
very important to keep the dangerous fellows away from other citizens, in order to maintain peace and safeguard the property and life of everyone.
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