Some people think that zoos are cruel and should be closed down. Others, however, believe that zoos can be useful in protecting wild animals. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A number of people believe that
are supposed to be banned because they are hard on
, some groups of persons opine that keeping
in cages is beneficial as wild beasts are protected by that means.
dissertation will examine both of these views and argue in favour of the letter. On the one hand, some individuals think that menageries are brutal when it comes to keeping wild
is based on the fact that
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have been forcefully taken away from their natural habitat and locked in an unnatural environment
as a result
they totally miss every bit of nature that they used to enjoy.
For instance
, lions are known to love exploring the forest, when they are caged they tend to be aggressive because they have lost their freedom. For
reason, people suggest zoological gardens are barbaric and should be closed down.
On the other hand
, another school of thought say that wildlife parks are advantageous. The reason behind
argument is that beast may sometimes lose their way and as
become exposed to the danger of being killed.
For example
, animal keepers in my city have most of the time caught stray
and saved them in
. A lot of beings would have died if not for the protection they get in the zoo. In my opinion,
are of paramount importance,
is due to the fact that in the zoological gardens
are preserved and variant species are prevented from going extinct. To illustrate, research on animal population and extinction shows that some
were recovered after disappearing from the forest because they were found in the park. In conclusion, there is a contentious argument over whether
should be closed down or not. Admittedly, in
beasts are restricted and they do not have their freedom anymore.
, I concur with the idea that wildlife parks are pivotal as
are saved from being harmed.
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