As technology advances, traveling to space is likely to become an option for holidaysmakers in the future. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of space tourism?

Technology is basically a systematic way of doing
and in the upcoming days with the help of
mankind will have a great choice to visit outer
and explore numerous
which they never experienced earlier.
essay will examine and
Verb problem
show examples
the pros and cons in forthcoming paragraphs. To embark with, travel in
promotes the potential for economic growth through most of the citizens attain benefits from them.
, it provides jobs and generates a lot of income for the government.
, the majority of people will get a chance to survey new eras and grab opportunities to increase scientific knowledge for a better future.
For instance
, spacefaring would help pupils not only broaden their horizons about the universe but
allow them to find out about other life forms outside the earth, which plays an important role for future generations.
On the other hand
, outer earth
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show examples
will become more expensive and is not accessible to everyone.
could lead to a lack of diversity.
, it could
become a strain on resources because if anybody wants to visit a new world, high authorities need more spacecraft and satellites to fulfil the needs of tourists
suits, food, drinks, and useful
and can
provide a safe environment. In conclusion, exploration of the
area and spending time with nears will be a great occasion to experience new
and learn many unpredictable devices but it will require several resources and risk of lives.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • cutting-edge
  • unprecedented
  • extraterrestrial
  • astronaut
  • cosmos
  • orbit
  • galaxy
  • stellar
  • astounding
  • groundbreaking
  • off-planet
  • revolutionize
  • exploration
  • interplanetary
  • lucrative
  • sustainable
  • detrimental
  • ethical
  • paradigm shift
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