To what extent do you agree that computers and other kinds of digital technology are both a benefit and a problem

Over recent decades, many countries have been trying to develop technologies.
there are some disadvantages to having modern industrialization, I personally believe the benefits are far more. On the one hand, many commentators believe that it causes elderly people will not be able to use digital machinery like when they want to go to the hospital, they cannot reserve for appointing a doctor. They
argue that young people especially children use computers and digital advice, mobile phones, tablets, and social networks ,
for instance
, as much as possibly they can. So they would prefer not to attend the family meetings alone.
after time, not only are they used to being alone but
they will be obese and lazy.
On the other hand
, there are those who subscribe to the view that using mechanization benefits. From their point of view, lifestyle has changed developing the modern industrialization world these days. For ,example social networks and laptops that help the community will be in relationships if they are far away. It is
maintained that society finds it amazing to develop technologies in different fields like medicine, IT, and agriculture. So they are interested in continuing their life in modern society and are made to an advancing country.
In addition
, nowadays all of the offices are working with computers. In conclusion,
using industrialization might have some disadvantages, I believe the benefits are far more. Welfare facilities and having advanced means are two decisive factors which everyone should consider.
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