Some people think that use of social networking apps is very beneficial in today's world. some say that it put negative impacts on the society. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

has gained popularity over the past few years.
certain individuals believe that
trend can lead to the demise of our society, I would argue that it might be beneficial in almost every aspect of our lives. There are many reasons why the use of social networking platforms may do more harm than good.
since social
is addictive in nature, it can lead to a whole host of health issues, both mental and physical. In fact, recent surveys reveal that employees open their phones to check social
notifications 2500 times per day on average, leading to many negative outcomes for both individuals and companies, including reduced productivity and health.
social networking apps can spread negative and unreliable information quickly, which can be harmful to society in many different ways, especially to children.
For example
, reading hate speeches and intolerant comments would make children become resentful and bitter and misbehave with their parents
as a result
On the other hand
, there is plenty of evidence suggesting that social networking apps bring a variety of benefits to humans. These platforms allow people to communicate more effectively in today's world.
For instance
, video calls on Facebook enable individuals to see the facial expressions and body language of each other when converting from a far distance, ensuring a better understanding, especially in contentious conversations.
In addition
, there are a variety of communications on social
sites where people can widen their networks easily. In fact, these online groups would not only allow people to make friends from other countries but
propel them to learn more about other cultures and traditions, producing mutual understanding and unification among humans, which may have long-lasting social effects. To summarize, the trend can appear beneficial and harmful to a certain extent. In my opinion, if social
is properly used, it can help enhance the quality of our lives significantly.
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Make sure to thoroughly address both views in the essay to comply with the task requirements. Provide a balanced discussion of the positive and negative impacts of social networking apps on society.
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The essay demonstrates a well-organized structure with a clear introduction and conclusion. Maintain this organization throughout the essay by using transition words and maintaining logical sequencing of ideas.
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