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Rich countries should help poorer countries when they suffer natural disasters. Do you agree?
Different types of robots are now being developed which can be a friend, help at work and at school. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?
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It is important for children to learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Punishment is necessery to help them learn this distinction. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? What sort of punishment should parents and teachers be allowed to use to teach good behaviour to children?
Working abroad can help employees earn a great deal of money and gain more benefits. However, some people think this trend has many negative impacts. what are the advantage and disadvantage of working abroad.
Traffic congestion is becoming problomatic inmajor cities what solutions can be suggest to help to solve the problem
Many people think that countries have a moral obligation to help each other, while other argue that the aid money is misspent by governments that recieve it, so the international aid should not be given to the poor countries in the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Some people claim that tourism can help to bridge cultural gaps between peoples of different nationalities and cultures. Do you agree or disagree?
It is often argued that music, art and drama are imperative like other academic subjects and should be taught at the primary level. I am in favour of this idea because it will help children to release their stress and it provides overall development of the child.
Do you agree or disagree with the following statements ? with the help of technology , students nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly.
The concept of having English as a universal language is appreciated by many who feel that only one language in the world would help in many ways, while others criticize it, what is your opinion?
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It is widely acknowledged that there are significant learning differences between boys and girls. Therefore many people believe that single-sex education in the best method to help students succeed. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a system? Give reasons for your answer and your opinions.
The government should impose a fee on drivers who use their vehicles during rush hour to help cut down on air pollution from exhaust fumes. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
1. Do you agree or disagree with following statement? Children should be required to help with household tasks as soon as they are able to do so.
Some people say that giving a smaller amount of money weekly to children will help them become more capable as they grow older. Do you agree or disagree?
More and more waste and pollution is created every year. How are people affected in their everyday life by this trend? What can individuals do to help limit the problem?
It has been suggested that all young adults should be required to undertake a period of unpaid work helping people in the community. Would the drawbacks of such a requirement be greater than the benefits to the community and the individual young adults? Some people suggest to adults that they do unpaid work in their societies. It has many advantage and disadvantages. I will discuss both and I thik drewbacks ourweight merits
Developed countries should give other types of help to the poor countries rather than financial aid. To what extend do you agree or disagree?
Some people think that testing on animals is necessary for discovering medicine that helps fight diseases, while others believe it is not necessary to test on animals for this reason. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Some people believe that the government should help the unemployed on a weekly basis. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion.
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Nowadays many people believe that children should be taught history in school, however, others Ague that children should learn subjects that are more helpful for modern everyday life. Discuss both view and give your opinion.
A significant change in education has led students around the world to obtain knowledge, either in the theoretical or the practical field. Generally speaking, many universities in the world have provided a good system in education with a purpose to improve the quality of education offered to their students. To make a good system to be more implemented, universities commonly give students the a time to gain experience in the practical field. The opportunity could be a program with the aim to encourage students in applying their theoretical knowledge in practice. The need for a better progress for today and the future is one of the reasons many students are looking for well-known companies to do an outside class learning. There are many efforts that must be done to get a good place to work. And, by this process, students are often faced daunting choice for determining companies. There are many steps that they must be dealing with the recruitment, it could be a long process of recruitment. The situation that students face will be more complicated when they must deal with the visa procedures in the country of destination. The situation above is often experienced by students who are willing to do internship abroad. As the impact, the situation is successfully created demands on providing the service to those students. Many internship business providers were established to help and solve a long process of placement. The company has the sole purpose of providing a good placement for international and local students. Students often feel reluctant to do internship since they are afraid of doing menial tasks. Those menial tasks such as making copies or making coffee are not able to fulfil their high expectation. Due to students’ expectation is not only about doing menial tasks, but they are also highly expected to have meaningful experiences which enable them to apply the hard and soft skill. Those experiences provide many opportunities for their future, real-world experiences, networking, time management, and career foundations. To work in companies, students have experiences to work hands on with the real business. A good working place will provide an opportunity for students preparing for their priorities direction. Generally speaking, the people in companies will help interns by giving direction to their job. Students will receive guidance during their probation to achieve good performances. An Internship is a way to test drive jobs for students, whether they are able to pursue their goals or explore different career options. Networking are often given by companies to students in order to gain new connections and learn how to communicate in a professional way. Many students expect this opportunity to explore their ability in communication as well as building companies’ connection. As students expect to meet business professionals in their field, networking is a proper place to practice their communication skill to bring positive impact to companies. Time management will train students to be better at managing their self and for the company. They won’t be able to survive in the company if they do not set up priorities. On the other side, they also must make all tasks is well organized, for examples finishing tasks on deadlines, handling phone calls or managing day-off to break or get permission. Students must notice how crucial time management in global business as it makes tasks become well organized. They expect internship can be a career foundation for their future. They perceive that choosing the right path will help them to set up their next path. Most students choose the companies based on the linearity of the interest and prospects. As a conclusion, students are willing to do the internship with the hope to improve their ability to work for their next step in life.
Some say the purpose of education is to prepare individuals to be useful to society. Others say the purpose of education is to help people achieve personal ambitions. Discuss both views and give your opinions.
Both government investment in public transport systems and reductions in public transport ticket prices will help to reduce transport pollution greatly. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
The rise of convenience food has helped people keep up with the speed of the modern lifestyle. What are the advantages of this trend? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
The money given to help poor countries does not solve the problem of poverty, so rich countries should give other types of help instead To what extent do you agree in disagree?
Some people believe that charity organisations should help people wherever they live, others think they should help people in their country only. Discuss both views, give your opinion.
Blood sports (any spots involving Killing or shedding of blood as bull fighting, cockfighting or hunting)have become hot topic for debate in recent years.as society develops it is increasingly seen as an uncivilized activity and cruel to the helpless animals that are killed.blood sports should be banned.TO WHAT EXTENT DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE
Some countries have Implemented mandatory community service programs for young people. In these programs, children aged 16 to 18 do charity work, help old people or work with animals. What are some advantages and disadvantages of this for young people?
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Each country has its own charity organizations. Sometimes people think that those organizations should only offer help to their own country while others thinks they are supposed to give aid to people in great need wherever they live. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Despite of better access to education,why many adults are not able to read/write.What many ways they are disadvantaged.How can governmnet help in this scenario..
You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Some people think that the most important thing about being rich is it gives a person the opportunity to help other people. Do you agree or disagree?
some people think there are things individuals can do to help prevent global climate change other believe that action by individuals is useless and irrelevant and that is only governments and large business which can make a difference discuss both view and give your own opinion.
The older generations tend to have very traditional ideas about how people should live, think and behave. However, some people believe that these ideas are not helpful in preparing younger generations for modern life. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this
Waste disposal problems are increasing especially in urban areas. Suggest what government and individuals should do to help reduce the amount of rubbish production and disposal of it.
Some people think that it is good for younger people to make their own decisions. Others feel that these decisions should be made with the help of their parents. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion
The crime nowadays is decreasing compared to the past due to advance in technology which can help prevent and solve crime.To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Nowadays people are more willing to help people they don't know (for example, by giving clothing and food to people who need them) than they were in the past. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer Be sure to use your own words. Do not use memorized examples.
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What to study at university has attracted different opinions. While some people argue that students can study subjects of their choice, other think that universities should only offer certain key subject areas. I personally believe that everyone should be able to choose their areas of study. There are various reasons why people believe that students should be forced to study subjects that will be useful in the future. They might assert that the subjects like science and technology are more beneficial than certain art degrees for the current technology-based development of the world. For example, the healthcare sectors always need scientific research to figure new methods and medicine to cure diseases and help people live more healthily. Additionally, due to that development, there will be more job opportunities in the science and technology sectors. Thus, it is more likely for those who take these courses to get a job in the future. However, from personal perspectives, students should have freedom to pick the majors of their choice. It is because everyone has their own dream careers and they should choose the course that benefits their future profession. To be precise, it is better for those who want to be a teacher to study pedagogy rather than IT. Furthermore, students feel more motivated when studying what they are fond of. Passions are of importance to succeed in life. Therefore, it is vital to pursue education with enthusiasm and success will eventually follow. Lastly, every subject can contribute visibly to society which is created by various areas, including social sciences and arts, besides science and technology. If doctors save patients’ lives, painters people’s mind and heart through their paintings and they are equally significant. To conclude, it is apparently several advantages of studying certain key subjects like science and technology. However, it is still better if students follow their passion and study what they are interested in. By doing that, they can both become successful in their life and contribute to the society.
There are people who suffer from poverty in every country. What do you think the reasons for poverty are in your country and what do you think can be done to help these impoverished people?
Some people think that lawbreakers should be sent to prison. However, others think that better talents among those should be made to work. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Because obeying a law is one of the keystones in civil governments, who runs counter to this is punished by governmental institutions. Discussions are held about being in prison or alternative punishment which would be better for person who commited a crime. This essay will discuss the debate, and give a concluding view. On the one hand, as who support the sending lawbreakers to prison, one of the significant factors is security of mankind. If offenders were in freedom after their punishment, they would be dangerous for others too. For example, statistical results show us because of not being busted lawbreakers can carry out new crimes again. A second factor is regeneration of criminals. After sending to prison they face-to-face some restrictions which are important to form their positive opinions, and all of these limitations are able to help to change their future life. For instance, because of not encountering some restraints lawbreakers, most of which were put to prison by courts, try not to commit an offence again. However, opponents think that chance must be given also offenders. People, who are criminal, can regenerate without prison sentence, because this so-called unexpected compassion of government to them would be impact on their behavior positively. To conclude, sending to prison or alternative punishment have to depend on type of crimes. If a crime was petty, governmental institutions should not receive lawbreakers imprisonment, on the contrary, if a crime was violent, offender must be put to prison.
Sports help to build peace in the world. Do you agree or disagree?
Scientists believe that the world is in danger due to environmental changes .Some people say that personal lifestyle should be made to reduce the damage to environment, while others think that the government should do something to help. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.
it is important for children to learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Punishment is necessary to help them learn this distinction. to what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? what sort of punishment shoukd parents and teachers be allowed to use to teach good behaviour to children?
Some people say that history has little or nothing to offer, while others say the study of the past helps the present. Discuss both the view and give your opinion.
Some people think the best way to learn new things is to study them alone. Others think that it is always better to get help from a skilled teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to support your choice.
Some people believe that charity organizations should give aid to those in greatest need, wherever they live. Some people believe that charity organizations should concentrate on helping people who live in own country instead. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
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Improvements in ealth, education and trade are essential for the development of poorer nations. However, the governments of richer nations should take more responsibility for helping the poorer nations in such areas. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the opinion?
Some believe that the Olympic games help bring people from different nations together, while others claim that holding the Olympics wastes money which could be used for important issues. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.
To some people studying the past it is the best way to help young people function well in the modern world. To what extent do you agree or disagree? What other measures could be effective in helping young people to function well in the modern world?
We cannot help everyone in the world that needs help, so we should only be concerned with our own communities and countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Some people believe that we should not help people in other countries
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