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Anything that cannot make any use of it, can be identified as rubbish. If we look at decades of years back, people did not dump rubbish like now. Now the companies are more engaged with producing rubbish than producing something useful.
In this moden world,people dont even bother about the waste they generate,which is immensly affecting our planet,the major reason behind all the unwanted material is carelesness .another reason behind all this is improper waste dumbing system .It is now the time where public system should impose statutory warnings .
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We live in a modern society. With all technological advances, we should have clearer living conditions across the globe, but sadly, that is not the reality. We are producing a lot more garbage in this day and age then ever before. I believe there are several reasons that amount up to this failure and we should work hard to resolve or address each of them.
These days the amount of rubbish has significantly increased.There is some reasons for that also, there is number of solution which should be implemented to by the government reduce this problem.
In the present world, people are unnecessarily consuming wastage which causes an environmental pollution. There are so many factors behind on increase of garbage. Even though, by taking proper precautions to reduce the amount of dust. In this essay, I will illustrate with probable reasons to elaborate further.
Disposing of debris has become a humungous problem to society. Because there are no proper measures to discharge the waste. In this essay I shall discuss my view about the increase in garbage collection and I shall also discuss on ways the government can do to reduce the waste collection.
Disposing of debris has become a humungous problem to society. Because there are no proper measures to discharge the waste. In this essay I shall discuss my view about the increase in garbage collection and I shall also discuss on ways the government can do to reduce the waste accumulation.
Today world is witnessing the increase in waste due to several reasons. Although people are causing more rubbish in their surroundings which is a bigger hazard to to the globe. This essay will elaborate the reasons why it is happening, and what can be done by authorities to minimise the rubbish.
Waste management is a big concern today, especially when more than 7.5 billion people produce a staggering amount of garbage each day. Population rise, the popularity of packaged goods, lack of recycling efforts and our throwaway habits are responsible for an unmanageable amount of rubbish produced and the jurisdiction can take some effective steps to control it.
overcrowding and lack of process of recycling has promoted to deposit of garbage in huge quantity in different facets of earth in this scenario and there are many initiatives can be taken by legislative bodies to control these which I will discuss in the upcoming paragraphs. In this degital world people have a easily availability of products and foods which are modified genetically are the first reason for more rubbish and the second one is dearth of recycling process and availability of space To examplify this recycling process best initiative to reduce these but due to this non biodegradable products make recycling very typical that leads to the shortage of recycling process . however this issue is surmountable with the help of bureaucracy via financial help . For instance government can provide finace to industries so that they make better products which can be easily digest by bacterias the second point which collapse in my mind is proper counselling to citizens and product makers about the bad impacts of the gathering garbage on surronding and their heath more over government can observer the demand and supply of the product in market because mair supply is also the reason of more rubbish in compendium over rubbish can be controll by both government nad mortals but there first step should be to clear the prior rubbish that is assembling in pies in different area
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According to the survey of the Indian Pollution Control Board, garbage production has surged by 20% than the previous projections and expected to increase in the upcoming years. The primary causative factors of this issue are Industrialization and overpopulation, which can be mitigated by unveiling strict rules and promoting recycling methods.
There is no doubt that rubbish play an important role in environmental pollution and how it affects in our health and our daily life. In these days we are producing an extra rubbish than before and that is a serious problem. In this essay will talk about this problem and what cause it and how to reduce it and what governments should do to make it is levels go down.
Generally speaking, mankind's evolution has its advantages and disadvantages since ever. While all the advancements in most of the life's domains, especially industry and technology, have progressed the world from the stone age to the civilization era. However, they have entailed a lot of consequences which have impacted our eco-system badly. The most important one is trash with all its relative types and kinds. This is a major issue which raises important concerns like the causes of such undesirable outcomes, which I am briefing below, and also it requires our utmost attention to take the proper initiatives, such as the ones I'll be suggesting, to prevent or heavily reduce their effects on our countries and beloved earth.
Unnecessary shopping turns human’s requirements into rubbish .And This appears the cause of increasing rubbish. The main idea behind the essential subject which I would like to observe is ‘’ do not buy a lot things if it is not neccessary to have’’.
Amount of waste produced by humans is increasing exponentially. Why are we in such a situation? And can governments contribute or become a catalyst to curb this? Any major change throughout human history is driven by individual passion and assisted by public administration. I will be elaborating on the causes and contributing factors for our current situation.
In today's world, the environment is deeply affected by disposal wastes and sometimes it causes hazard effects on human which create various health problems. I personally feel that the growth of manufacturing industry is the main reason behind this issue. For controlling this defect, the regime should promote certain restriction and instruction to curb the amount of misuse-produce material. So, the following paragraphs will discuss both views comprehensively.
In recent times, the production of rubbish is more evident in our society because, companies seek to increase sales volume without prejudice to the quality of the product. Individuals and the government has a role to play in order to ensure the reduction in the amount of garbage produced.
It is observed that litter is increasing steadily in the country. In my opinion, this is mainly because of the ignorance of the public and by the government. However, there are some possible measures that the concerned authorities could implement to reduce the amount of waste material produced.
In the fast moving world, peoples are using more-and-more useable and through items to execute their lives in smooth way. Unfortunately, we are generating lots of nonsense items in our surroundings, Sooner or later it will be heavily damaged the surroundings and we need to pay more taxes in the future to keep clean up the company. Government should be put some regulations on the handlingling of those items.
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Due to the change in lifestyle of the people, our daily consumption of plastic materials has been increased enormously. It is claimed that countries are throwing a huge amount of misuse these days. This essay will discuss some of the root causes of generating more garbage and possible measures to diminish its percentage.
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