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I hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the best of spirits. I am writing to respond to the questions you asked me last week in your letter about my study plans.
How are you? I hope you are doing well.You asked me about my study in last your letter.Now I am going to tell you about the educational system and my feelings about it.Firstly, thanks for paying attention to my life.
I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to tell you that I received your letter asking about how my studies are going and I am feeling extremely happy that you care for me and asked me about my learning. Curr
I hope you are doing well. I'm sorry it's taken so long to respond to your email. I have been busy with my studies so I couldn't get time to check my emails. Thank you for asking me about my preparation for the coming se
I hope you are doing well. I regret that I have not been in touch for a long time as these days have been busy. In regard to the latest email about the situation of my education, I would like to share some issues.
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