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Students react in different ways to different pressures, however, for many people examinations and tests are a time of nervousness and panic. It is here that it could be argued that these kinds of assessments are not a true test of a subject, but of the candidate’s character, a point of view I will now consider.
Some society thinks that testing events are influenced by attitude more than education.
Students have different way to react in pressure situation but many people take a examination, face to tests that have more a time of nervousness and panic.
Attitude is something that is innate in every individual. Sometimes it can be caused by individual genetic make-up, which explains some behavior copied from their parents. However, it is also influenced by social environment meaning the more the person exposed to that kind of environment, the likely he/she will be adapt on it and be like it. For example if the child belongs to a family who only sees negative in life, possibility when the child grow up his/her outlook will be more on negativism like having poor self-esteem, dependability or inability to stand alone, and those things are difficult to change and lasts forever.
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