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With the advent of technology such as the internet in the 20th century, it has opened up numerous horizons for research. The financial support for these upcoming developments is being done by the two major groups, namely, the public authorities or private organizations. Some of the critics assert that to proliferate the scientific analysis, the funding should be done by both private and public authorities, however, I strongly agree that to foster such delicate work the money should be provided by the governments only, because, these inventions in some way are connected with the security of mankind.
One of the most interesting topics to discuss in current times is, should government be responsible for funding and controlling scientific research rather than private organization. In my opinion, government is more responsible than private organization for funding scientific research.
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Actually, travelling to places with difficult conditions is attracting more travellers. Although some places do not look attractive to tourism, surprisingly it is increasing the number of people who want to visit it. This experience can offer some advantages as an opportunity to learn how manager sensations and emotions and can be the opportunity to learn about exotic cultures, but as a disadvantage the needed to be physically prepared to live extreme situations.
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