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With the advent of Digitalization in all streams, high-tech media has changed aspects of our lives in a rapid and effective way. Some people brace the idea of libraries offering softwares, videos or DVDs apart from books, whereas many are hostile to the proposal of having the same. I tend to agree that libraries must be equipped with such high-tech media devices.
It is irrefutable issue that the library is a place where people can get more information. Nowadays, technology is developing day by day, and making many gadgets like software, videos or DVD. I agree with the given statement. Although libraries have a positive side like to provide books, yet have a negative side, waste their limited resources. I will discuss certain phenomenon.
In the era of modern technology, learning from advanced gadgets has become an easy method. However, some masses contradict it, and believe that, providing innovative machines by the liabraries is a waste of money and space. This eassay will discuss both the views in the subsequent paragraphs and provide my rational opinion before conclusion.
It is true that nowadays people are able to have access to various kinds of media in public libraries apart from conventional printed materials. Personally, I believe that this modernization in learning devices is an inevitable trend and should be enhanced.
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