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It is often thought that environmental issues can be tackled by raising the price of petroleum products for cars as well as vehicles. In my opinion, I utterly disagree with this standpoint because factories and industries are the principal culprits of environmental pollution, and such a policy will be unfair to the masses.
Environmental problem has become a major issue in both developed and undeveloped countries. Some individuals share the view that this problems can be reduced by raising the cost of petrol for cars and other vehicles. I strongly agree with this view because this would result in less cars on the road leading to less environmental hazards such as smoke inhalation and also lead to increase economy.
Some people think that environmental impacts will reduce as the cost of fuel which is used in cars and other vehicles, increases while others people argue that it will increase the cost of transport. I strongly disagree that.
Environmental problems like climate change and the greenhouse effect are increasingly becoming the topic in most conferences and forums. Although a school of thought to think that increasing fuel prices for automobiles would solve these problems, I strongly disagree with this view. This essay will argue that this option will not only negatively affect the cost of living of low-income earners, but also, it will be a wrong approach to solving climate change issues.
Nowadays, pollution increased rapidly, which creates the environmental issue, but people of our countries are not thinking about it's damaged our lifestyles.A segment of group think that climate changes react our routine system also a big issue by using of cars, so when fuel cost quickly it's price then definitely we can get solution accurelty.other group of people believe that when we will use other vehicles instead of cars after we get satisfaction in routine lifestyles.
Global warming and greenhouse gases are the biggest threat to the global environment and governments are working on different strategies to control the emission of greenhouse gases and save the environment. On the other hand, some people believe that raising fuel costs for combusting engines and fossil fuel using industries will overcome the problem, I am against this idea and discuss the Pros and cons of the price change in the following paragraphs.
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