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over the past few years, people have been raising concerns about how the government must utilize the country's money. most individuals suggest that the leaders in our country must put a huge sum of money into our educational and health sectors. however, others also claim that they must invest in other aspects of life such as the building of theatres and football parks. in my opinion, I suggest that these officials must invest more into the health and education sectors but should not neglect the entertainment sector.
It is believed by some that spending money on new theatres and sports facilities is unnecessary, while others say that the government should invest more in education and medicine. In my opinion, although medical care is important, spending money on culture and sports is no less valuable for society.
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It is a highly debatable issue whether the government should spend money on medicine and education rather than on theatres and sports stadiums. In my opinion, all these things are important for the people and therefore, the government should allocate equal resources for both.
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