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There is a ubiquitous belief among people that more time being spent on sports and exercises in schools can play an effective role for students who suffer from obesity. Although many individuals consider this way, not th
One of the most controversial issues today relates to the problem of overweight children. While some people support the idea that sports lessons time should be increased, I believe that a balanced diet is the first thing
The specified time allocated for sports activities should be extended in school to address obesity problems for students. Given that increasing sports classes in the curriculum has many substantial benefits for weight co
Being overweight and obese are worldwide problems not only in adults but also in children. There are several causes leading to adolescent fatness and if we do not consider the solutions as early as possible, it will lead
The best way to overcome the problem of excessive weight in children is to expand the amount of time spent on sports and exercise. However, a child's diet also plays an important role in weight loss. In my opinion, spor
Many thinks that school must raise the amount of sport and exercise at school, in order to prevent children to become overwight. This essay disagree with the statement, and will try to elaborate the reason and provide th
Generally, it is believed that exercising and involvement in sports help in reducing the problem of obesity in children and schools should increase the time spent on sports activities and exercises. From my perspective,
Over the past decades, the rate of obesity has significantly increased, especially among youth. As this phenomenon is definitely detrimental to our society, some people advocate schools provide longer hours to practice p
On the other hand, I also think schools are not a place to do sports all time. Therefore, school principals should advise their children's parents to take them either to a club or a specific place where they can do sport
Practicing sports and physical activities have been a well-discussed topic recently in our society. Certain people explain that everybody should exercise with the purpose to improve their health. Nonetheless, others clai
Mucormycosis is an angio-invasive fungal infection caused by the fungi belonging to the order Mucorales. The Mucorales can cross physical barriers and invade host defence mechanisms mainly in immunocompromised individual
Online shopping is an inseparable part of modern life and is becoming more popular each day. Not only does this phenomenon affect the environment, but also it influences the type of required jobs. This essay will discuss
It is often argued that in order to approach the obesity issue in children, more time should be devoted to sport and exercise schools. Personally, although I agree it is highly beneficial, I perceive there are other ways
The headmasters of schools should raise the number of hours in which students exercise or do some sports for overcoming the extra weight. Personally, although I agree with this statement I opine that there are some othe
Outdoor games play a vital role in our everyday life. It gives so many benefits to our body and any type of physical activity prevents us from various diseases.
In this contemporary epoch, schools should be considerably raised the amount of time on several kinds of indoor and outdoor sports as well as exercise to minimise the overweight problem of children. In my perspective, th
in order to teach the difficulties of being overweight to children,it is better for school to raise the time for sports and my opinion it is not the only way to address the problem and the educational syste
With an increasing number of children who suffer from extra weight, there should be more lessons of Physical Training at schools. It could help to handle this issue. In my opinion, it is the smartest way to deal with thi
Obesity is a major concern nowadays. It is often thought that the amount of time which students are involved in physical activities at schools should be increased for ones who are not in shape. This essay will reflect wh
It is inevitable that obesity needs to be coped with earlier, such as taking action in school regulation. It is argued that the curriculum needs to add more time for sports. From my perspective, this is not the best meas
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