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In recent times many countries are experiencing huge traffic issues which ultimately result in increased pollution. To alleviate this issue it is a better option to look for alternative means like e-vehicles and the use
It is often stated that increased fuel fees could reduce traffic congestion due to contamination.Similarly, I would like to argue that this is the case because people will use public transportation and car companies will
The line graphs illustrate the information about average carbon dioxide emissions in four different countries, including the UK, Sweden, Italy, and Portugal, per person from 1967 to 2007.
The modern eon has definitely contributed in increasing poor air quality index due to numerous reasons and continuously growing number of vehicles and the trend is certainly a main cause of released pollutants. Whether h
Traffic problems and air pollution are major effective sources reason, according to other people. Every person wants facilities and they don't have time due to hectic schedules or city side job. Hence all prefer to use o
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