With Growing of traffic problems and air pollution should price of petrol be increased. Do you agree or disagree?

It is often stated that increased fuel fees could reduce traffic congestion
due to
, I would like to argue that
is the case because people will use public transportation and car companies will decrease the production of petrol engines. There is some truth in the argument that in
era, numerous cities are extended throughout the world where individuals are willing to use vehicles and distance has grown.
, vehicle corporations made the decision to increase the production of their goods
the number of cars extremely grow in metropolitan leads to traffic congestion which is a disaster.
For instance
, in the Netherlands, ammunition price was increased by authorities
as a result
, sales have been reduced by about thirty per cent by companies and the research carried out by a team of scientists is showing individuals people use the public transportation system which caused air pollution extremely decreased. Another point to consider is that pros and cons are considered by corporations
changes in ammunition cost could impact production procedures.
In addition
, the increasing petrol trend causes to policies will be changed by the group.
, businesses will willing to produce vehicles whose motor work without ammunition
as electrical engines.
According to
statistics, in China, fuel fees were increased by the government and buying cars decreased
many teams produced electrical motors which cause control traffic and about 10 per cent reduced impurity. In conclusion, impacting of high fuel cost show that the habit of people and corporations' policies will change which leads to will be controlled contamination.
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