Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Scrolling my computer mouse and surfing the internet, several kinds of advertisement are pop up into my screen and it’s not difficult for me to recognize that medicine and organic foods for losing weight purpose are widely advertised on the internet nowadays, especially on face book. In others word, being overweight is the matter of great concern in recent time, especially on children. There are various reasons which cause obesity on children and many measures can be suggested to mitigate such problem. The most obvious reason which makes children being overweight is the development of unhealthy foods. The young is well-known as hard to feed and this is always a big issue to their parents. However, kids are usually attracted and addicted to fast foods and junk foods which are widely recommended in recent time. Such unhealthy foods are usually presented with colourful images as well as have catchy taste to children. Therefore, of course, parents obviously cannot deny buying them such kinds of foods which not only is convenient to their cooking but also be able to comfort their children’s taste. The lacking information of a healthy diet in parents may also contributes to the overweight situation in their children. Actually, only a small number of parents are aware of which kinds of food are adequate for their health as well as their baby. Commonly, they provide their child dishes which contain as many calories as possible such as milk, butter and fat meat in order that their children have enough energy for a whole day long. Nevertheless, they don’t even think that adapting too much such thing will cause obesity at kids. Obesity is a common sense to many children nowadays, however, this issue can be tackled by following a healthy diet. The adult should recognize which are healthy foods before providing them to their children. Recently, it’s simple for them to determine which ones are nutritional dishes by learning from different sources such as internet, magazine or even nutritional extents. Moreover, parents should provide their kids more fruits and vegetables in a daily basis in order to supplement them various kinds of in-needed vitamin. In short, a smart nutritional diet is a good measure to avoid many diseases as well as overweight in children.
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