IELTS Writing Samples Band 5

Today’s society, a certain number of children have inactivity lifestyle where their schools and their parents have responsibility of this issue. In this paper, I aim to elaborate my agreement in the following and present a few sides of this fact.
In these modern times, it has been argued that employees aged above 50 do not respond to the fast transforming ideas in the recent working environment and this leads to the preference for younger employees. I completely reject this statement with persuasive reasons and exemplars that can be put forth.
It is a generally held view that some conventional media have been losing their influences offering news for the public. This is because various alternative media have established and developed due to the advancement of online platforms. This essay will explain both views and give my opinion.
The question of whether importing an enormous food from foreign countries has a positive impact can certainly claim a debatable point in some countries. This essay will explain both negative and positive trend with the following details and exemplars.
Nowadays, a lot of museums charge people for admission, but there are ones that are free. This essay will elaborate on the main benefits and drawbacks of charging for admission.
Nowadays more and more people like to travel abroad and some people agrue that the tourist cannot learn about the cultre of the country while stay in the hotel. I completely agree with this point of view, because if you want to understand the city well you need to learn the culture of the local people, eat the local food and finnaly is understand the local language so it is possiple in the hotel.
Throughout his history, human has invariably searched for more accurate, just and practical approaches to punishment. Some have viewed the concept as quite rigid, believing in fixed, unforgiving punishments for each type of crime, while some others believe in a more relative and understanding approach to punishment that takes into consideration the motivation and circumstances of the crime.
Generally, it is increasingly clear that social media has become becomes much more popular thanks to the a substantial development in technology. It means that more people have a tendency to access the Internet to gain the information online rather than through a conventional printed newspaper. Although this new transformation brings a row of benefits, there still appear some drawbacks which need to be taken into account. Therefore, this essay will discuss two both sides of this phenomenon.
Over the centuries, working for a someone else's business was the most common all over the World. However, the form of employment has been rapidly shifting from being an employee to being self-employed in recent years. In this essay, I am going to explore the reasons why a number of people are becoming in favour of working themselves over traditional working style and provide some drawbacks of this trend.
Today money has a pivotal role for human beings and it is measured in the terms of success. However,others believe that the person's success or failure cannot compare with wealth. In my opinion,success depends upon the compassion, and dedication of the individual's work.
Nowadays, it is a popular belief that pursuing higher education is the prime option for an outstanding career. However, others may argue that working right after graduating high school is the better option. This essay will discuss both views and demonstrate how going for further education is more recommended than the latter.
It goes without saying that with the increase of technology lives of the individual has become easier. Some people believe with the demand for technology humans interact through social media which key development in nature. It has positive development. There several regions behind these and i would like to explicate in upcoming paragraph.
It is irrefutable that nowadays most of the people spend their time on using mobile and computer due to which interaction between individuals has been decreased. However, this is a positive development
On the one hand, many researchers are of the view that there are notable advantages to accept a bad conditions like that; unsatisfactory job, or shortage of money for instance. From their point of view, the people who choose to keep own job in the some situation be able to gain new valuable experiences that can be enormously useful in next level of social life of next job positions. So coworkers when has keep going capability under any conditions can aggregate valuable knowledge and deep views about anything. In addition, considering the world events there are a close competition between employees. Hence, coworkers who choose to leave own position find it difficult to find a relevant job next. This is because there are maybe a lot of competitions for normal job positions. Also, when has been less work experiences the harder it maybe to find suitable job based on your skills. It is maintained that these people may lose their habit keep going and gain adaptation capability late. In general, keep going people are reliable person to do tasks and has more creative. Because, they learn how can find new ways to solving or simplified big problems.
Some countries have witnessed an upward trend in the number of people trying to figure out what happened in the house or the building they live in. The main reasons for the case are people's curiosity and the regional culture. The resources for people to look up are variable, and they are mainly from neighbours and on the internet.
It is considered by many that it is good to have friends with similar thoughts. while there are others who think that it is fine to have peers who manytimes have disagreement with them. I will look at both sides of the argument and give my opinion.
First, there are academic pressures on children. Parental pressure is one of them where they force children to excel in technical subjects. They follow this to get a good job in the future. For that, they may call their teachers or lecturers and request their children to reach a desired academic achievement; consequently, school or college teachers may force their children by giving lots of assignments and homework; thus, students face a lot of strain from their parents.
It is considered by many individuals that the gap difference in the high paying jobs and low paying jobs must be decreased. I agree with the given statement and there are two reasons why I think so and they will be expained in the next few paragraphs.