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Many traditionalists believe that, however many people have access to the Internet, conventional newspapers will continue as the major source of news. I totally disagree with this view.
It goes without saying that the number of international trips has increased, because modern nation has more possibilities to travel as they started to earn more money. People’s opinions differ, as to whether international flying should be restricted due to the negative impact on the environment, while others don’t see any problem in it. Personally, I believe that international travel imposes some risks on the surroundings, but those effects can be mitigated.
It is true that the number of people in need is increasing dramatically all around the world. In this essay I will discuss some reasons for this negative trend, find the root of this problem and set some suitable precautions to be taken against it.
The articles in the television and newspapers are depicted with pictures. It is argued that images are more effective than contents. I believe it is more beneficial to have pictures for the reasons that even uneducated people can able to understand and also it is more attractive.
Space exploration is a growing interest by scientists nowadays due to the expansion of knowledge on space activity as well as key events happening in outer space. The most famous method of gaining funds for national space companies is by the people's taxes, however this may vary from country to country.
It is believed, that newspapers and books will lost their popularity and be useless, for the reason that it will be replaced with free e-books and Internet resources. I totally agree with this statement, undoubtedly, it is better to use free, more available and relevant resources.
Nowadays people go shopping as a hobby, while in the past they only did it as a routine task. I completely agree with the statement and believe that we should be more reasonable these days.
Journalism is a art of showcasing the world with all the current affairs around the world and examine the impact of that on people. News companies tend to invest a large amount of money to cover international news whereas neglect local news which resonates more with local audience and I completely disagree with this gesture.
There are workers who contribute their all working life at same organisation whereas others think that they should switch their profession frequently. In this essay, I am going to discuss both these views and attain a logical conclusion.
In the past few decades, it is believed that lectures used to be the conventional teaching manner of numerous students. However, the application of cutting-edge technological advances in teaching is widely prevalent in this era. Despite its obvious benefits, there are certain inherent drawbacks that must be considered.
In this contemporary epoch, schools should be considerably raised the amount of time on several kinds of indoor and outdoor sports as well as exercise to minimise the overweight problem of children. In my perspective, there are numerous other ways to solve this problem which are also effective. In this essay, I will elaborate on my visions in the forthcoming paragraphs with effective examples.
Mistake makes a human wise but same mistake repeated twice can be considered as a habit. Children's nowadays tend to take their own decisions and often make mistakes, whereas some people believe that parents should have a close eye over their child so that they can save him from doing wrong things. In this essay we will discuss both views to identify which is the right thing to be followed by people.
Had fast food not existed, would many individuals overeating it in some lands have less health issues. The problematic nature of the mentioned type of food is being tried to be solved with policies like higher tax rates for it. The latter can be viewed as vital or not looking at its benefits and drawbacks.
Social networking sites, for instance facebook, are thought by some to have had a detrimental effect on individual people as well as society and local communities. However, while i believe that such sites are manily beneficial to the individual, I agree that they have had a damaging effect on local communities.
As we come into the new millennium, the overcrowded situation in downtowns has become a whistle-blowing topic among both government and individuals. In my opinion, although such a phenomenon may drag people into adverse circumstances and damage their lives, there are many interventions that can be carried out to confront this trend.
Had fast food not existed, would many individuals overeating it in some lands have less health issues. The problematic nature of the mentioned type of food is being tried to be solved with policies like higher tax rates for it. The latter can be viewed as vital or not looking at its benefits and drawbacks.
Nowadays, various kind of music in their individual ways can be seen extensively. Existing of music is a fundamental need for human beings with comprehensive reasons, and I would admit that traditional music is more important than international music.
Science plays an important role in development of the society today. However, there has been decline a decline in people pursuing science as a career option. This issue can effect people at large. The viewpoints for the cause of this issue and effects of this issue will be examined in the subsequent paragraphs.
It's apparent that we need to recycle more of things which are found in rubbish because our resources are restricted and leaving them in our environment can lead to ecological damages. One part of society believe that the governments should make strict laws to obligate people for recycling their waste from home. Overall, I agree with this claim and I think governments can play a vital role in protecting our earth from pollution. In the following essay, my reasons are going to be outlined and few examples will be mentioned.
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