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From the ancient periods, most of the individuals in this universe are willing to live in a good organized community, whilst they don’t have any idea about the good society and it will like to be. My point of view, a perfect society is mainly depends on people dignity and they will mix and help to each other. This essay will delineate the important factors for the ideal society.
Nowadays, while some university students tend to educate other subjects in addition to main subjects others opine that it is essensial to give all energy to studying for a qualification. In my opinion, the fisrt view contains some more inherent advantages than the second.
News in the current generation spread like forest fire, which sometime affects innocent lives and people may placed guilty. This affects their personal image in the social presence. To this some suggest make a complete stop on publishing information about the private life would resolve the issue, to counter some argue that it is necessary to place a authority in charge to control these publication. Although the latter opinion suggest beneficial ideas to safeguard the an personal of society. I believe a balanced approach is needed.
In this modernization world, televison has been playing a major role in all people life. Some persons thought, it will ruin the leisure time of many individuals also put them in lethargic and isolated from others. I strongly disagree with statement by giving the below mentioned points.
It is true that some people believe that generating profits is the most important element for businesses and I accept that this perception is some what justifiable. However, I would argue that public responsibilities are equally crucial for businesses.
In modern life, many people make are decision to have baby later in their lives. This essay attempts to shed light on the driving factors behind this tendency before clarifying its detrimental impacts on family and community.
Qualitative (Table 2) and quantitative analysis (Table 3) were conducted to study the range of compounds of Avicennia marina at different maceration time and organ. The results showed that phenolic and flavonoid compounds are present in all extracts of Avicennia marina, yet saponin compounds are not detected in both leaves and stems. This can occur because phenolic and flavonoid compounds have the same polarity with the solvent used, causing those compounds to dissolve easily in the solvent. This findings are in line with previous study such as Fajri et al. (2021) who reported that saponin belonging to non-polar compound can not dissolve in the polar solvents like methanol, ethanol, or water. Similarly, Manurung et al. (2017) reported that phenolic and flavonoid are detected in all different parts of Ficus deltoidea extracted using methanol solvent, while the saponin compounds remained absent.
Some individuals believe that people are more dependent on others in nowadays, while others think dwellers hold the opposite point. From my perspective, I consider that individuals rely on others more often than before.
Nowadays, more and more people take advantage of social networking sites to express their anger and disagreements. This essay attemps to shed light on this tendency before clarifying its updowns for those people.
This argues that banning all animal testing is crucial. Even though this approach benefits scientific progress and can lead to valuable discoveries about specific creatures, I believe that the law should justify and grant animal rights.Animals deserve justice because they possess life and feelings. They are submissive and occupy the most disadvantaged position on our planet. That is why people have a mission to protect poor animals, which have the potential to suffer under animal testing. For example, in some immoral countries, they organized the animal control, then caught the stray cats, dogs, and raccoons to do experimentation and sell them to certain establishments. Such places force animals to contribute their blood, eyes, and every part of their bodies to the operation without providing any means for them to express their distress. To prevent that kind of tragic incident, people should take action for justice.To overcome it, scientists have to invent non-animal testing approac...
The persistently increasing population has been regarded as the most important issue encountered by mankind in today’s world. While there are several causes for this growing number, it is in my view, one of the very significant concerns that needs to be addressed immediately. This essay will state the causes and come to a logical conclusion.
In the technology era, many people believe that more t time spent on electronic devices can be more beneficial for children. While othes believe this could have bad effects on children's growth.I believe the negatives outweigh the positives of using technological devices for children.
In the modern era, money is the most valuable resource. Many people think that money can be the reason for happiness and others think that it cannot be. In this essay, I will discuss both sides and give my opinion.
Nowadays, some wild animals are extinct while others are close to the same end. There is a spefic reason which has been caused this situation, but there is also a solution. In this essay, I will explain both.
It is argued that some children have natural talents,while others suppose that teaching can make kids become masters in sport or music.I firmly believe that having an outstanding talent has more benefits than having a gift for music and sport.
These days, for relations between industries, universities, and colleges, so students must spend the amount of time at manufacturers without income. While there are some drawbacks of internships, I still believe that cannot overshadow the benefits.
There are many debates about helping children in some small villages to have the chance to study. Some individuals think that to tackle the issues, the government should supply more schools and teachers. However, others believe that providing technology devices such as computers and network systems can be a more ideal solution. In this essay, I will consider both points of view and present my perspective.
In this modern world, there is an ongoing debate about whether authorities are paying much attention to artists and neglecting other factors or whether it is a good way to support their belief and other ways. I believe that focusing on each of the equally will have a majority of advantages that is good for people and environment.
Nowadays, thanks to the mordern medical care, people seem to extend their lifespan longer compared to the past. This elderly population are contributing more benefits to society, however, they also cost more for government's welfare.
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