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Nowadays, meeting one's tax obligation becoming controversial topic. Some people think, paying bills an ample contribution to their society, while others opinion, there are more obligations as a citizenship society rather than paying taxes. In this essay, I will discuss both views, and provide my personal perspective.
Being healthy is not just an assert to their families but also for their nation. Several individual reckon that physical movement have to be as a part of schooling, while the others appeal that it is not mandatory. In my opinion, i support for the former group.this essay will discuss about the suggestions of both groups and will provide a logical conclusion.
Due to technological developments and especially with the abundance of use of social media after Covid 19, products and markets have really taken a turn. Consumerism is at its peak and businesses are working hard on their products to be innovative. In this essay we will discuss this development is mostly negative in my opinion.
Some people think that a child should be doing other activities rather than homeworks, while some oppose that homeworks are crucial for one's learning process. However, I believe that balancing between those two is the best approach.
The illustration highlights data about the steps of the production of leather goods. There are 11 different stages in the process, starting with drying animal skin and ending up with creating items by using this material.
The diagram below show how leather goods are producted.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and making comparisons where relevant.
A lot of people beleives that healthcare sould be the most important aspect to direct the tax money to,while others convenced that there is another crucial periorities we need to spend the money on. This essay will discuss both points of view.
Recently, some people prefer spending their time in their work places rather than in their homes. It is certain that, this action has advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, this essay will discuss about these consequences.
The following maps illustrate the blueprint of an industrial area in the town of Norbiton and the future development plans in that area.
Nowadays, many courses are available in universities which confuses students. Some people argue students take the courses whatever they like while, others argue only they choose their subjects which is benificial in future, such as those related to science and technology. I agree with the first opinion. In this essay i will go through, while students who choose science and technology subjects will earn more money in future, as well as students who choose their favourite subject are achive many things in future.
It is undeniable that both parents have to work for their families. This results in the less time they can spend with their children. I will discuss the leading causes and suggest a few practical solutions of this situation.
The phenomenon of some people thinking that purchase an apartment has more benefits than live in a rental house has aroused wide concern among various circles. Divergent as people's views on this issue in question may be, I personally believe that it is necessary that we have our own properties.
As a leader, I envision myself combining the democratic leadership style with the servant leadership style.
Engaging in enjoyable activities with children can enhance their skills and creativity more than reading. In my opinion, spending quality time with children can provide numerous benefits that improve their abilities in multiple ways.
Industries hire employees in masses and claim to provide a chance to help them progress with time. However, it is seen that most staff members never get promoted to the executive level in companies despite serving long years and delivering good performances. This prompted some people to believe that a change is much needed and employees should be considered. However, I completely disagree with this notion. This essay will discuss reasons in detail and justify my stance.
It is irrefutable that in today's era of modern technology, many people struggle to produce letters and often avoid writing letters altogether. While I agree that technology has impacted the traditional skill of writing letters, I do not agree that this skill will die completely as it is still very important.
Over time, drug abuse such as heroin and cocaine, is becoming more popular across the world. This essay will look at the issues related to the use of illegal drugs, along with some solutions to help prevent their use.
Nowadays the world is facing a new problem, the extinction of its wild nature and it is happening faster than everyone thought. According to WWF (World Wild Federation), the list of endangered species are increasing day by day. Sadly the main culprits behind this catastrophe is none other than humans.
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