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There are split opinions regarding the methods of teaching childrens for their developments. Some believe that it is good to teach them at home for their better future, whereas, another groupn of thinkers support that they should go to schools to learn more than just study. However, both have their own pros and cons. Therefore, before commenting on my decision, both opinions would be discussed.
The question that in recent times, employees work to exhaustion has sparked a substantial concern. While people go this far because they are afraid of losing their job offer, Organisations can clearly prevent this by outlining achievable duties within the scheduled work hours. Analysing this problem and possible solutions will give a comprehensive overview of this subject matter.
Many people feel that younger generation is happier than the older ones however, There are some individuals who are of the thought that adults are more happy then teenagers beside having more responsibilities.I personally feel that life in teens is better.I will discuss both the views in further paragraphs.
In today's generation, there are some individuals who love to live a life full of adventures; therefore to accomplish their goals, some take part in extreme activities including skydiving, rock climibing , river rafting etc. Few believe that these sports are dangerous and should be banned. Although there are arguments on both sides but I strongly feel that ban is not fair for some individuals who are professionally trained to participate.
Taxes, which belong to public schools should not be allocated by those parents, whose children are participating in private ones. I strongly agree with this view.
In some countries, kids are made to follow a set of strict rules. whereas in other countries, they are allowed to do whatever they want. In my opinion, children should follow a set of rules. However, these rules should not make them emotionally broken.
A faction of employers holds the notion that academic qualifications should be considered as imperative than life experience and personal qualities while appointing new employees. I completely agree with this view as ample of reasons are present to substantiate it. This essay will delve into my viewpoint with relevant illustrations.
Nowadays, around the world there is a significant number of minors ho start to work wery early on. This topic became controversial, as some disregard any type of child labour, while others argue that involvment of children in spesific jobs could be very beneficial fo them. I personally lean towards the second position. The essay will focus on adressing the above mentioned issue.
Media content has increased exponentially in last few years, because of growing number of video editing tools and platform which not only provide simple features like uploading to creators but also give free access to viewers to watch these content. The rising trend of contents have brought new ideas and cultures into people's mind. These trends have pros like free education, informative videos related to a topic but also cons like hate speechs, disinformation, etc. We will discuss each side of impact with examples in below paragraph.
There is no denying the fact that nowadays, children spend several hours on smartphones daily. Despite people having arguments views about this topic, however, in my opinion, I consider that this is a negative development and in this essay will express my perspective, as well as discuss the reasons behind this case.
Modern world products and services put extra costs on families. This has led to many of mothers work besides their husbands for their children’s welfare. Although some individuals hold the view that working of both parents may cause problems in children upbringing, others believe parents can pay enough attention to their children as well as work outside.
A topic regarding raising children has grown to be a pressing matter lately. Some people belives that young parents who want to have a child should take some practical educations. I agree about this problem is because of the psychology and economic consideration.
Nowadays, as females enter the business world, it is seen that many of their peers get the highest fee in their group. The social reasons and aspects of this are the subject of research. In this article, I will discuss all these.
Nowadays, people around the world tend to watch movies from foreign countries rather than from their own. Overseas movies offer more incredible experiences to the audience as they come stand with creative plots. The government should help this industry by giving financial aid for and sending film makers people overseas so they can study and improve the quality of their production.
In the modern era, electric vehicles are becoming more famous between people. While some groups believe they should completely replace gasoline ones, I disagree that and think both of them has their own upsides and drawbacks.
Nowadays, modern technology has become an essential part from our life. There is a debate about whether the modern technology plays a significant role in brining people together or is a main reason for isolation . In this essay, I am going to discus both point of views. In my opinion, a balanced using of technology is a brilliant solution to deal with this argument.
It is true that extreme sports are dangerous and even life-threatening. Although it can be argued that governments should ban those dangerous sports to PREVENT tragedies from happening again, I believe that people SHOULD have THE freedom to decide on pursuing any sports or activities they like. I will elaborate on both views and present my argument in this essay.
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