Some say that sports play an important role in society. Others, however, think that it is nothing more than a leisure activity. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

People have many different views about the role of sports in the life. While many argue that playing sports is merely a leisure activity, I would believe it has a significant contribution to the society. On the one hand, those who claim sports is merely a kind of pastime activity due to the fact that not many people have abilities and potentials to become professional sport players. As a result, many individuals consider playing sports is an activity to relax their mind and body after a long day studying and working hard. In addition, various parents, especially who usually have a hectic schedule, see playing sports as leisure time to enhance relationship with their children. On the other hand, I would suppose that sports playing is more than a pastime activity for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is undeniable that taking part in sport games frequently can not only make individuals to be in shape but also help them to refresh their minds. Secondly, it will also minimize the risks of suffering from some health problems such as obesity or heart attack. This, as a result, would improve the physical and mental health of people. Finally, there is no doubt that children can develop a good habit by regularly engaging in sport games. If children are encouraged to play sports frequently, it is more likely that they will maintain this habit when they grow up. In conclusion, although there are several reasons why people suppose sports playing is simply a kind of leisure activity, I maintain that it contributes greatly to their life, therefore, both adults and children should be encouraged to engage in sport games regularly.
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