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Differentiating between proper and improper actions and decisions is crucially important for youngsters. Thus, it is believed that penalizing children for inappropriate behaviour is efficient. I totally disagree with the given opinion, as it might ruin parent-child relationship, which will lead to mental health issues in a child and open dialogue is immeasurably more authoritative.
Nowadays, everyone tries to be a leader. Some think, it is an innate character trait, others suppose that you can become a chief one day. I hugely believe, that you can master this quality.
In the contemporary era, many adoloscents have a smartphone. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this trend and this essay will examine further some of the upsides and downsides associated with the development.
It is debated that the life standard in metropolitan city has taken a nosedive and the reason would be an excess emigrating from village or small cities to big ones. The following essay will express the reason of this issue and propose some practical solutions.
Should professinals such as doctors, nurses and teachers get a higher salary than the ones working in the sports and entertainment branches? Of course both of these type of occupations is important in different ways, but to me it is given. I do agree that the professions involved in the well being of our society should be paid more. But some people may ask why?
In this fast-pace era, people seem to live in a busy life filled with work and do not have much time to prepare food for their families and also for themselves. Faced with the time limitations from work and study, they often turn to convenience foods. However, I believe that no account do convenience foods can replace traditional food and traditional method of food preparation.
A majority of commuters use their own vehicles because they do not wish to waste their precious time while waiting for buses or other form of transportations. Those are the main reason that traffic has become a problem in our daily life. I am going to talk about the actions and procedures to reduce the high volume of congestion in cities.
Today, throwing garbages in public areas is one of the biggest environmental problem that needs to be coped with. Many people believe that declaring heavy fines for this action is the best solution. I strongly agree the mentioned statement. This essay intends to describe why I agree with this sentence among a brief conclusion.
It is generally accepted that imported foods are much more popular than local products in many supermarkets in the modern period. This essay will demonstrate the different aspects of the benefits of this situation throughout the following paragraphs.
It is true that the choice of living alone among many individuals in several parts of the world is becoming common. In my perspective, it is completely a welcoming approach.
Growing number of people are becoming concern about the cyber organizations like Meta, Google and others storing the digital data. This practice has many drawbacks as well as some benefits. In my opinion, the collection of digital footprints is more dangerous as compared to its benefits.
It becomes increasingly common for young people in undeveloped countries to take a year off between high school and university. Despite some reservation, I tend to agreed with the above statement.
Most of the children learn the money management from kinder garden. In several nations, mostly the parents give the allowance to the young one. In my opinion, the child should know the value of currency from the beginning stage of growth.
With the prevalence of globalization, the culture of our world is becoming a single one dominated by Western culture. As a result, people from different countries tend to admire this and gragually lose the sense of identity for their own civilization. Personally, I agree with this view that globalization influences the cultural development in a negative way.
There are different views on the impact of international tourism. While some people believe it will harm indigenous people and their environment due to the disrespectful and reckless behaviours, I still think the benefits outweigh the downsides because it helps countries to progressively have a good fiscal condition.
It is undeniable that by developing technology in our lives, AI, as a cutting-edge science, is penetrating in and affecting our diverse sphere of life. Considering all its pros, it possesses drawbacks, too. The following essay will present the advantages and disadvantages of AI.
In this contemporary world, there are myriad games which are harmful to those who engage in them. However, some individuals are fascinated towards them as they give more adventure as well as precious memories.Even though these games are risky,there are certain measures to mitigate the danger. It includes proper planning and management:
Some argue that free volunteer work should be mandatory for high school. In my opinion, I agree with this approach because it strengthens the bond between people and also fosters a sense of responsibility.
The growth of digital technologies and the internet have dramatically changed the working pattern of employees. It is widely assumed that people are now able to work from home. This has significant impacts, both positive and negative, on the companies and the employees.
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