Today parents spend too little time with their children and use television to make their children keep quiet. Explain the reason and results by using your relevant experience.

Most of the parents use the television as a means of calming down their children. I thoroughly dissent with this notion. Nevertheless, in certain circumstances, parents become helpless and have no option, however, to switch on the television. The essay will discuss the causes and consequences of this practice. Nowadays, parents are been into a race created by the economic system. Prices of the essential goods and services have skyrocketed. Therefore, both the mother and the father have no option but doing some extra work to keep family running. Due to this busy lifestyle, they have no much time to devote to their beloved children. To fill this gap, television found to be the best companion for children. Moreover, certain parents believe that television provides educational incentives to offsprings. Admittedly, certain children-oriented programs and movies help enrich the child's mind. Nonetheless, increased TV time might increase the impediments to the child's cognitive development. The splendid colored screen of the television attracts children's mind and makes them spend more time in front of it; which makes them less active. A number of health imbalances including childhood obesity can result from the aforementioned habit. Furthermore, children's preferences towards television widen the relationship gap with the parents. For instance, children who use to watch the cartoon and live 3D films might find mother's bed-time stories bit boring. What is more, psychological studies have now found out that the television screen abates the child's creativity and thinking abilities. Above all such adverse consequence, the abusive addiction towards TV would definitely jeopardize the child's social life as well as the entire personality. Therefore, it is the onus of the parents to provide the right dosage of movie time. Youngsters are the future of any society. Thereby, young-blood are the present obligation of the parents. In conclusion, it is the parent's duty to strike a balance between their work and the family, in a way that the television might not become a substitution for parental love.
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