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In some nations, while the elder are treated as significant aspect of society, the young generation is highly appreciated in the rest of the world. This essay will examine both viewpoints and subsequently advocate the latter new.
In the developed and the developing world people are spending less time with their families. This is primarily owing to their jobs and the knock-on effects of this are when children of those parents grow up they end up abandoning their own mother and father.
If you ask any Kazakhstan citizen what problems can Kazakhstan face in ten years in their opinion, i think 90% of them will answer that Kazakhstan will have air pollution problems. It’s very obvious and disappointing fact but it’s true. If you go up to Medeo you can clearly see the difference between pure sky and smog. The reason of air pollution is increasing quantity of fabrics and cars. If quantity of cars increases, there will be more traffics. If there is a lot of traffics, they are going to build more roads to solve the traffics problem. If they build more roads, people will continue to buy cars and pollute the air. It’s called red queen syndrome. It’s when the solution is not really solution, it makes worse. The best solution of this problem would be subway or something like LRT in Astana, which was not finished yet but it is another story. It would be great solution because in Almaty we have a lot of traffics and only one line of subway.
Online payment and banking is the essential innovation of todays time. Cashless economics is the important aspect of modern world, online payment and transaction will make lifes easy and transparent. Cards and smart devices will play a significiant role to ease up the lengthy ways of recording and counting of the transactions. Many wouldn't be comfort with this change due to lack of education and transparence. I strongly believe that digitalization is important to make things faster and easy.
Nowadays, careers plays an essential role in our lives. Also, a number of people especially youngsters prefer to relocate to urban areas not only for facilities, but also to study or work in the best companies. Although, we have a host of pros about this argue some cons can not be overlooked.
In recent years , it is obvious in that many youth prefer to start work- based training rather than completing their study in the university in majority of countries. While Choosing to start work early has many advantages , it also has a lot of disadvantages .
No one can deny the bad effect of eating junk food nowadays on both members and society. While some people argues that the government should take taxes from fast food shops , others think that is an important and cruel deed. In my opinion, I am totally agree that the government should force taxes on junk food. In the following lines, I will discuss both opinions.
In the contemporary society, the porpularization of advertisements in all kinds of social media has sparked a debate about whether it constitute a positive and negative implication for consumers. This essay will explore the relative reasons and assess ensuing ramification as well as give a balanced perspective regarding this issues.
It has been observed that, in modern era very less people cherish art and give more importance to other things like science and technology as well as business despite, art being an important portion of all cultures all over the globe. There are several causes of such a trend . However, some actions can be implemented to motivate numerous people to admire and take interest in the arts.
In some countries, while older people are considered an important part of society the younger generation is highly valued in the rest of the world. This essay will consider both view and then advocate the second view.
There is a trend that much time of young people are spent on the mobile phones. It is totally negative from my perspective. The essay will explain how the phenomenon comes and why it is harmful.
It has been long understood that a higher education leads to a better job. However, in recent years this norm has been challenged as an increasingly high number of students graduating from secondary education have had a hard time finding employment, leading to many people considering only providing their children with primary education instead of secondary education.
Nowadays, individuals in some countries are only interested in their life style and the most of them has indifference to others within their society. In this case, busy life and development of digital life are the noticeable reasons of this issues. This essay will indicate the causes and the approchs to overcome an individualism.
Pets are common among all cultures. Many people thinks that it is good for children but few of them think that it is not good for children. In my opinion, caring of some animals are helpful for the kids in many ways like physically as well as mentally.
The presented map indicates some data about future development in the town of Norbiton in its industrial site. Overall, it can be seen that some facilities like Playgrounds and schools will be added to this region. In addition , all of the factories will be replaced by residential complexes.
In the modern world, it is undeniable that people less attention to their health care. Due to their working time and lifestyle. Also, some people can't register gym members for workout. Because of their price. In this essay, I will explain about cause of problems and the solution for solving the problems.
In today's world, a person needs to learn all kind of skills and techniques to leave a successful life. Some people believes that, modern education system is quite unsuitable for person to become wise person in these competitive era. Here, at major extent, I am agree with that belief. In further paragraphs, I will mention some of the reasons for my decision.
It is believed that some regions value old people whereas different cultures state that the younger generation is the priority.This author agrees that younger people should be prior more than older people and will demonstrate why throughout this essay.
Some individuals argue that people are highly being convinced through advertising; however, other believe that no body will care to it in the long run. It’s seem that both views have their own logic for what they advocate. In my opinion, public are being aware by commercial and they can make an informed choice.
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