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In the economic world, large companies and investors tend to pay a huge salaries just to attract skilled and talented employee especially mangers. I strongly believe that is fruitful way to increase any company outcomes and achieve huge profits.
It is believed that many people provide help to their local people as they prefer keeping charities locally as a duty towards their community, while others prefer sending these charities to overseas to assist people globally. I believe that giving money to international charities is more beneficial to those people who live there as it makes the whole globe financially stable.
Should we be free to make our own decisions or should the government have a role? When it comes to health, opinions are divided. Should people be able to smoke and eat junk food even if this leads to bad health and has an impact on the national economy? In my opinion, people are entitled to do whatever they like without any interference from the government or others. However, government should be involved to some extent by helping people understand how to live more healthily.
It is often claimed that men and women are equal and women can do any job they want, while some believed that females are not suitable for every job. I strongly believed that females can do any type of work. In this essay, I am going to tell you that colleens are suitable for many of the jobs.
Nowadays, governments tend to invest a lot of resources on arts, Part of the tax payers believes that is not the right use of it, and it should be spent on other domains with a better return on investment. A view that I totally support. In this essay, I'll talk about the reasons why I'm standing by this side.
From an aeon of time, many have tried to draw a perfect/ idea/ impeccable image of an ideal society without truly understanding the essence of it. Too many, if not all the rulers failed miserably in achieving such goal through the course of history and doomed their community. The key factor to prefect a society is the certain amount of liberty offered to its members and defining correct boundaries for them. The reasons why I believe so are discussed in the following essay.
Presently, with the advent of technology. We are seeing an rise in the life span of seniors in society. This is in turn increasing, the population of old age population in the community and simultaneously their expenses. Some critics believe, law enforcers should spend a higher amount on educating the younger generation than on taking care of elders. In the below paragraph, we will discuss both sides and my balanced opinion.
I have the pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Novita Sari to you. She was a student at the Departement of Accounting, Kwik Kian Gie School of Business (previously known as Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Indonesia).
Years ago, students used to study a vasity degree in their own nation however now students have more chance to study in oversea. In this essay I wil explain the benefit and drawback and I will give my personal opinion.
The supplied bar chart reflects the information on the oil production in OPEC and non-OPEC countries per day in units of million barrels over the research period from 1980 to 2020.
Some people prefer to construct new housings with the same design, meanwhile, others suggest that it is better to have own creations for this matter. In my opinion, I believe that having an opportunity to express one's idea is fundamental for real estate industry development in the country.
In response to the aging population comes the opinion that senior citizens should be empowered by the authorities to work regardless of their age. Although this practice offers a gateway to improve elderly physical and mental well-being, it cannot justify the imbalance workforce and the likelihood of workplace accidents. Accordingly, I lean toward the idea that the disadvantages eclipsed the advantages.
A few citizens believe that building more sports facilities is the best way to improve the public heath . However , another argue that this would have a few impact on public heath and that other measures and necessary . In my opinion , i strongly agree with the first idea that the new reform would brings a lots of benefits to the public heath and citys. This essay will discuss boths points of view.
Children weight gain is an rising issue everywhere irrespective of regions and culture. A part of society believes that the increase in number of children obesity is government's responsibility. I disagree with this opinion becuase parents hold the ownership for their offsprings' health. We will discuss further on this topic and exhibit reasons to support my opinion.
It is true that historical buildings are defended by the government because of its intangible cultural value. While some people believed that these constructions ought to be replaced by other modern buildings at the request of the increasing infrastructure nowadays.
The mobile phone is one of the most discoveries of the 20th century, which has become the central part of every human being’s life.
Some argue that parents who send their children to private schools should be exempted from paying tax for state education. I, however, disagree with this ​proposed policy.
Part of the community accept the idea that, commercials are facinating way for improve sales. But others think it as an old type of way to improve sales since it is so common. Around the world most big companies mainly rely on commericials for their sales. And also , advertising companies using various ways to keep the atraction of population . Due to these factors , I beleve advertising is an extremly successful way to impove sales.
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