IELTS Writing Samples Band 4.5

These days a high number of people are competing with the young generation for the same jobs. The main problems associated with it are mental health issues and demotivation at work, and the most viable solutions are advertising jobs with different classifications and giving equal opportunity to both generations.
World Wide Web has created a evolution in the field of technology and communication. There are many positives and negative factors to this internet era. This essay will discuss both views with examples.
We are moving through a consumeristic word, and we have developed an ne culture of ‘use and throw’, this is creating a lot of issues to planet and the society. However these hurdles can be overcome with proper management of waste and optimum utilization of resources. This essay will discuss few issues and the solutions for the same.
First of all, older employees over 50 are keenly interested in trends just as much as younger employees because it’s related to task performance.
In today’s world, with the economy population improvement, the quantity of waste generated is also on rise. However, there are some actions the government can take to support minimase this fact, such as education and fines aplication.
A group of people believe that vaccination to minors could have adverse effects, So, they argue that vaccination to children is not mandatory. Though there are some disadvantages like side effects and counter productive nature of the vaccines, there are also some advantages that should be considered before we conclude that vaccination is not compulsory for people below the age of 18.
Children that growing up in some cultures are often told if they try hard enough, they will get anything they want. These word might encourage them to work hard and keep trying until they achieve it. On the other hand, children could suffer from metal health problems after pressure themselves not to fail again.
The given diagram provides information about how the original blueprint of the existing ground floor was depicted and some modifications were offered in the new design.
In study places, the preference for learning ancient languages like Latin and Greek has been remarkably plummeted, as the overwhelming majority of people tend to recognize that extra knowledge about the abovementioned languages would be unnecessary experience. In some cases, there are some beneficial impacts of the provided languages to improvement, though more and more personalities prefer to use budget in other prospects. This essay will discuss about the being flexible to speak in other languages and allocation of budget to learn digital languages.
More and more people are having the own cars are dramatically increased for the last two decades. It is more comfortable and convenient for owners as a result, our surroundings are affected enormously such as air pollution. However, I think benefits of this trend for individuals come over it's drawbacks.
Nowadays, in many parts of the world, adolescents tend to perform serious misconduct against the legislation. The lack of opportunity for further education after high school, which led to unemployment, may be a prominent reason behind the issue. Despite this, providing aid for further studies and training may help overcome the rise of crime rates among the youth. This essay will discuss aforementioned causes and solutions to the issue.
There is no doubt that smoking is hazardous to human body and can lead to various diseases. Moreover, there is a vast majority of people, who are of the opinion that smoking should be prohibited in public places. In my opinion, though smoking is harmful for human beings, still should be banned completely.
It is sometimes seen that tourist attractions, including museums, important historical sites and prominent monuments, impose a higher fee for the overseas travellers than the local people. I do not agree with this idea and believe that the charges should be exactly the same.
Prison can never be a best way to punish.If you have to discipline someone and you decide to do it through other way,it can be accepted.being confined to a particular place would not totally work in all cases to show you do not agree with a partcular act.
In comparison to other global industries, the healthcare industry has one of the most complex infrastructures, with changing relationships between patients and clinicians therefore, there is a continuous demand to update health professionals' knowledge of healthcare quality and management so I had made my decision and spent two years studying hospitals administration academic diploma at KFS university.
Since time immemorial, in certain drier parts of the world, fresh water has always been a scarce natural resource. However, in the present time, due to various reasons, scarcity of fresh water has become a global issue. This essay will illustrate some factors contributing to this problem and will also elicit certain steps that can help the national authorities and individuals in controlling this growing demand for natural salt free water.
The enthusiastic life simulates the urban developments in building more public parks than shopping malls. I partly agree with this viewpoint for its benefit to citizen’s health, but it cannot be denied the revenues of shopping malls.
The enthusiastic life simulates the urban developments in building more public parks than shopping malls. I partly agree with this viewpoint for its benefit to citizen’s health, but it cannot be denied the revenues of shopping malls.