In some cities, people are choosing cars instead of bicycles, while in other cities riding bikes are replacing cars. Why is the case? Which development do you think is better?

The development of businesses has given rise to the growing tendency of commercial advertising. From my point of view, this trend could have both positive and negative influences. It is undoubted that the acceleration of advertising can bring numerous benefits. From the economic perspective, thanks to the large scale expansion of advertisements, more products are sold, leading to the increase in the profit figures of businesses. In order to meet the increasing demand of products of consumers, the manufacturer would expand production, hire more employees and contribute to the decline in the unemployment rate. In addition, advertising have positive effects on people’s feelings. Some advertisements containing funny images and content is a huge source of entertainment for children. It is advertising that keep people posted to information (function, model, price) about products and services. Thus, customers have more choice to decide which one is suitable for them, feeling satisfied when buying desired products. Despite the great advantages of advertising developments, I insist that it also exerts several undesirable impacts. First, advertising about soft drinks, fast food, canned food… prompts unhealthy eating, especially when the target customers is children. In reality, the young generation is heading toward some life-threatening diseases namely fattigue, cardiovascular, cancer which are caused by the habit of overeating such junk foods. Secondly, advertising encourages people to purchase what they do not really need. The information about product on the internet is not censored, thus it is unreliable and can mislead the costumers to buy the products which are of little use to them. In conclusion, according to all above explanations, I claim that the increase of advertisement in modern society has a positive impacts as well as detrimental influences on our life.
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