In most countries, prison is an effective solution to the problem of crime. Some people think it is a more effective solution to provide education for those who violate the law. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

How to handle criminals is a problem that all countries and societies face. Traditionally, the approach has been to punish them placing them in prisons to pay for what they have done. Some, however, advocate trying to make them better with schooling and it seems may have a good point. First of all, consider all the money that we have to spend to lock people up in jail. It does not seem like a good use of public money if people do not actually get any better. Because most criminals are eventually let out of prison, our focus should be on transforming them into law-abiding citizens. In fact, the reason why many people end up in jail in the first place is that they did not have a good education or a happy family. Hence, if they can learn job skills, they perhaps can find work and feel they can contribute something to society in a positive way. If they do this, they will not need crime. Surely, everyone deserves a second chance. Of course, this does not mean that we should be too lenient on criminals. Those who commit crimes must still be punished, but during their punishment, they should also be treated. If we make an investment in them and show compassion, most will be able to make a new start. To summarize, we must make more of an effort to go to the root of the problem. We need to treat criminals as patients and give them the medicine they need: education and training. By giving people the skills for a second chance, we can make our society safe and healthier.
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