Many governments think that economic progress is their most important goal. Some people, however, think that other types of progress are equally important for a country.

Country’s success is valued by few components, such as economy advancement, demographic situation, technology development and educational system. While most authorities support economical development as priority, some people consider other advancements equally crucial for country. On the one hand, economy as one of the most influential and important component of a country’s stability, should always be in top priorities. Nowadays, civilization is based on economy and its development through investments, financial resources, banking and a stock market. Additionally, each country values their success on Gross domestic product and many governments invest in its improvement. Moreover, without a financial stabilization and quality economic strategy, there are big chances for crisis and deflation. What is more, without financial resources that come from advanced economy strategies, a country cannot invest in other parts such as education, science and technology. On the other hand, despite a economy importance, other types of national progress deserve to be promoted. In recent years, technologies have developed rapidly and have become priority type of county’s progress. Investing in technology and science could lead to new innovations and improving life standards and its population. Additionally, demographic statistics are crucial for nation because without people, there is no country. Every government should invest in natality progress and concentrate od educating citizens. In order to improve future situation, education is crucial part because it teaches young future mind that will contribute to country. In conclusion, both thoughts have advantages. In my opinion, authorities should realize an importance of technologies, science and education while still invest in economic progress. Country cannot rely its development on one field, but should encourage all of them to collaborate and contribute to a country.
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