School leaver usually go to work or travelling instead of going directly to a university. Do you think this is advantage or disadvantage for their study?

It is clear that some students nowadays have a tendency to get a temporary job or go on a trip for some time before they start to study at universities after they graduate from their high school. While I accept that there are several benefits and drawbacks of this option, I would argue that it is useful to take a gap year to work or travel. There will have some disadvantages for choosing to work or travel after high school in some particular extent. Students can face with the shortcoming that their fellows will be promoted soon because they do not choose to travel or work. As a result, they can become a professional manager or an expert in their field. Furthermore, young students who have just finished their studies at high school will not have a lot of money to cover their travelling's costs. That means they will ask for money from their parents, so it is not an advisable option. However, several advantages of this decision are undeniable. If students choose to work straight after graduating high school, they can get a lot of working experience, which will help them in their future jobs. For instance, students can know the ways to communicate with the customers well or handle with clients' complaints better. In addition, travelling can bring to young students some valuable experience. If they travel overseas, they will have the best environment to practice their English skills, this can help students a lot in their communication or negotiation in their work because English is the global language over the world. In conclusion, I believe that there are some benefits for students who have a year off to travel or work after graduating from high school prior to going to university although there also will be several notable downsides.
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