Some people say that schools do not do enough to teach young people about health. Do you agree or disagree?

Some people argue that students in schools do not get adequate teaching for maintaining their health. In my opinion, I agree with this statement, regarding some absent of important health materials studied in the physical education subject, unhealthy tight scheduled lifestyle, and lack of school health programmes. At first, physical education as the only health education subject in schools should cover a wide range of health aspects, such as proper rest time, healthy diets, and introduction to diseases and their causes. If we refer to what PE has covered in schools, we can see in most of the schools it mainly talk about sports theories, their rules, and sports practices. While health is a combination of many aspects rather than sports only, therefore more non-sports materials should be added to the PE subject. Second, chances for student to implement a healthy lifestyle while having schools is rarely hard. For instance, students are being fulfilled with a lot of assignments and tight schedules. They are hardly having their leisure time playing with their friends outside. As playing outside is one of the most efficient and practical exercises for them, they should be able to do that regularly. Schools also do not have or support healthy diets in their canteens. In my experiences, I had junk food most of the time from my school canteen, since there are plenty of them sold. In this case, school authorities should limit food variances that are allowed to sell in their cafeterias. Furthermore, they may give more points or price discounts for those students who buy healthy food from their recommended stalls. In conclusion, schools have not optimized their PE subjects, environments, and programmes to support a healthy lifestyle for their students. They should add more healthy-related materials to their PE subject as well as implement more health innovative programs, and reducing overtime schedule for their students.
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