People tend to work longer hours nowadays. Working long hours has a negative effect on themselves their families and the society so working hours should be restricted. Do you agree or disagree?

Working longer hours is getting more common in today’s society. I personally believe that this trend not only has a severe impact on the workers themselves, but also on their families and the community as a whole. Therefore, I totally agree with the idea of limiting working hours. A few decades ago, a person normally worked an average of eight hours per day. Average daily working hours in recent years, however, have significantly increased to ten or even fourteen. This, in my opinion, adversely affects employees’ health and productivity. For example, people who spend longer at work are more likely to suffer from various health issues, ranging from fatigue to more serious problems like anxiety disorders or even stroke . Failing health leads to more sick leave , poor work performance and low productivity. My cousin is a case in point. Working nearly twelve hours on a daily basis, he frequently feels exhausted and makes more errors at work than he used to. I also think that extended hours of work has serious consequences for families and communities . At the family level, busy working schedules prevent people from taking frequent family trips or even just having meals together. Relationships among members are greatly weakened if they cannot make time for each other. In terms of community life, overworked people do not devote time to voluntary activity that brings benefits for their society. My uncle, for example, hardly has time for local community service projects such as conservation work or working with a charity because he works more than sixty hours per week. In conclusion, I would argue that working time should be reduced since the frequency of long working hours exerts an adverse effect on employees, their family bonds and their community.
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