Some people think that the media (newspapers) have the right to publish details of people's private life while other's think it should be controlled? Discuss both views.

It is believed by a few individuals that private life of people should be censored publicizing in media like newspaper, television and the internet. Whereas, others express a conflicting viewpoint and say media possess the right to publish it. The key concept of both views shall be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs. To begin with, who could think media have the right to uncover people's private life. Before all else, it reveals another face of well-known people's life which serves the public to comprehend the truth behind their words. It means this step of media clears the tangible aspects of renowned people. MS Dhoni : the untold story, For example, is a movie that indicates the tragic truth of his life and struggles to become successful cricketer that encouraged many people to achieve their goals in life. As a result, a group of people choose their role models and adhere to their footprints to succeed in life. On the other side, some people believe there has been a need for censoring to reveal the private life of people through media. Freedom to enjoy life is one of the key elements for people either person is famous and ordinary. It suggests that every time presenting details of private life ruin the freedom o legendary people who means they are under observation through media. For instance, 20 to 25% of marriages of famous people are shown on television, published in newspapers which describe many things from their life. Therefore, many people start consistent things that are done by their role models and face problems in life. In conclusion, many people experience conflicts over the media showcase. Some observe the media have the right to publicize the personal lives of individuals because it motivates some people. However, others think it ought to be censored.
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