Nowadays parents are sending their children to trips abroad for educational purpose. What are the advantages and disadvantages to it.

Education has always played a key role for the success of an individual. Universities have increased their standards in education to attract more global students. Parents are sending their children abroad to provide better education in order to grab better job opportunities. The following essay discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of children going abroad for educational purpose. To begin with, cost of education across the globe has seen an upward trend over the decade. Many parents are forced to take educational loans for their children to get admission in any university overseas. Second, students should also learn the local language of that country as most of the subjects taught are in their local language. For example, many German universities teach engineering subjects in German language. Third, most of the students partake in partime jobs to repy any loans they have taken; thereby paying less attention towarda their college syllabus. On the contrary, students who study abroad will be able to meet different people from different countries and will be able to learn several cultures and traditons. Second, students have an opportunity to learn a foreign language which will broaden their job prospects. For example, many canadian employers seek people who are fluent in both English and French. Third, students get more matured as they take independent decisions and are responsible for any wrong doings. To conclude, global education has both advantages and disadvantages. Every parent has the desire to provide best education to their children by sending them abroad. However, they must also analyse the consequences their offspring might have to suffer if they study overseas.
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