People should be responsible for the pollution problems caused by transportation, while others think the government should be held accountable. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Unhealthy transportation practises often result in causing environmental hazards. While there are conflicting views on who should be held accountable for the pollution caused, I believe that it is the combined duty of both the people and the government, to ensure responsible actions in order to minimize damages to our planet. Firstly, if citizens adopt greener transportation habits such as using more public transport, car-pools, walking, bicycling or even purchasing electric vehicles, instead of using private cars, there will be a greater improvement in the ecological conditions of the city. For instance, when the pollution levels reached staggering limits in New Delhi, many people opted to car-pool in order to help to make a difference collectively. It was observed that the personal action on part of the people did indeed help in reducing traffic, and in turn, also decreased the harmful fuels emitted by cars. Alternately, it is only the government that can incorporate environment friendly legislations in its policies and impose stricter punishments for violations of transportation rules. Furthermore, our elected officials can even start organising a number of awareness workshops for both students and professionals about the harmful effects of bad transportation choices. For example, a new transportation policy was introduced the previous year which banned the use of private vehicles for three days in a week. This led to a direct increase in the number of people walking and using public transport, resulting in a massive improvement in the air pollution index quality. Finally, I strongly believe that the responsibility and accountability of taking care of our home lies in the hands of both the people and the government. Until the people do not start inculcating responsible habits, together with the government who does not increase its vigilance regarding the same, along with introducing greener practises, Earth will continue to suffer. To conclude, people and the government need to work hand-in-hand to combat environmental pollution caused by transportation and the responsibility lies in the hands of both.
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