It is observed that shopping on the internet is increasing in its popularity. Why is it so? Is it a good or ​bad development?

Online shopping is growing at an unprecedented rate and the key reason resulting in such a trend is primarily owing to the advancement of technologies making the availability of immense ranges at one place. According to me, it is an optimistic development as shopping online offers great comfort yet an affordable option to the buyers, thereby saving wherewithal and time aptly. To begin with the causes, the prominent factor resulting in online shopping is sundry mobile and web applications such as Amazon, Myntra, eBay, Flipkart to name but a few, provide items with a greater variety that one can choose from multiple brands. Books, electronic items, accessories, apparels, movie tickets, insurance policies and booking air and rail tickets are few examples to illustrate that almost all the products accessible online that can be purchased. The high-speed internet data and hassle-free connectivity aid shoppers to shop online promptly through their electronic gadgets like smartphone and laptops is another added reason for customers to shop online. Online shopping offers luxury to shop multiple products even at odd hours with just the click of a single button and wait until the products arrive at their doorsteps. To illustrate, millennials and the older adults have admitted their rate of buying online has doubled since they are unable to visit stores during regular working hour out of their busy schedule. Another huge benefit of online shopping can be attributed to the fact that it makes shopping affordable as it saves both time and money since buyers can effortlessly switch sites to virtually compare prices of products from different brands. In conclusion, the increasing popularity of online shopping is a positive development and in tune with the nature of modern living.
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