Some people think that the internet has brought people closer together while others think that people and communities are become more isolated. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

It is thought by some that the invent of internet enabled people to stay closer while others argue that it increases the isolation in the local communities. Although the internet allows people to contact their loved ones living in foreign countries instantly, however I believe that the people’s online addiction reduces their interaction in the neighbourhood. On the one hand, people can communicate with their friends and family members living in any parts of the world with the help of the internet. That is to say, many social networking applications allows people to send text messages and receive responses, without much wait time, unlike the traditional modes of communication like telegram and post cards. Moreover, it enables people to make video calls which allows them to feel their presence, even though they are miles apart. For instance, almost 87% of the International students uses Skype video calls to interact with their parents on daily basis as it allows them to stay in touch with their family. However, I believe that the internet’s addiction drifts people apart in their community. On the other hand, the people’s social interaction within the local community is reduced. This is because as people spent more hours in online like chatting with friends in messenger, surfing and playing video games , which in turn keeps them indoors and socially inactive with people living around them. For instance, a recent research conducted by the London Children Health Services showed that the nearly 67% of children spent their leisure time playing games in online instead of playing with other children outdoors. I am of the view that the internet made people to locked up inside their homes thereby deterring their social presence with others. To conclude, though technology has brought people staying miles away closer, however I believe that it has stopped their conversation with others.
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