Some people Believe that government money should be spend on important things rather than arts painting and music. to what extent do you agree or disagree?

Whilst ,many individuals thing that authority money should be expend on essential objects rather then artwork like painting and music. In my opinion spending on health and education is top priority, but disagree with no funding for the arts. I would discuss both views in upcoming paragraphs. To begin with, there are myriad reasons why I believe that administration disbure on other objects. The first and the important case is that good health is necessary for everyone .these days, approximately all people suffer from many diseases such as, obesity, blood pressure . Management should created more hospital and fitness Centre so ,masses make fit and healthy .moreover, education play a vital role in human life. Educated men and women help in country economy and development. For instance, if more and more mankind are studying it would be helpful for nation . Contrary above to the statement artwork and Melody are also part of humanity. Furthermore , music art represent culture among youth and next generation .Traditional music of a country is more important than the international music. it is also a part the culture of a country. For example ,in India" Vande Mataram" song is very special it show country diversity thanks Council invest money on music. It also create new job opportunities .In addition painting is a form of Creative human expression. it is show emotions of mankind. for this reason there is no need of any language . Besides ,it is easy to describe their Nation point of view in international platform. So government should music and art. In the conclusion, although other objects question for everyone. However, ministry should also encourage people for music and our work.
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