Many people support use of animals for testing medicines for humans. Others believe it isn’t appropriate to use animals for such experiments. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

In recent years, the topic of experimenting on animals has been a controversial topic. Whilst some believe that testing health drugs on them is beneficial, others believe that is a violation of animal rights. Both views will be discussed before an opinion is reached. In order to try new medicines and drugs, it is essential that scientists have an experimental subject. However, as it is unethical to trial them on humans without knowing the side effects, lab technicians use animals. For example, since humans and primates are closely related, testing trial drugs on them will be beneficial as their reactions will be similar to us. For example, if any negative side effects occur as a result of the trial drug, then doctors will be able to provide advice before prescribing the medication. On the other hand, in the past years there has been a rise of animal activism. Animals, like us humans, are living organisms that are supposed to roam free in the wild. They are not meant to be taken into captivity and drugged. Therefore, many believe that it is unethical and immoral to trail new medication on them, as they also feel emotion. For example, experimenting on primate babies have shown to cause distress in parents. This proves that animals, like us homo sapiens, feel emotions. Hence, if it is unethical to test on humans the same should apply to animals. In conclusion, although testing on animals will show the harmful affects of certain antibiotics, I believe it goes against ethical and moral values of most humans and should not be acceptable.
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