An increasing number of professionals, such as professionals, doctors and teachers are leaving their own poor countries to work in developed countries What problems do this cause? What solutions can you suggest to deal with the situation?

In recent decades, Migration has become increasingly common among the undeveloped nation. The principal drawback will be a shortage of Skilled personnel and one lasting solution is Job availability. The major problem that migration can cause is a reduction in skilled labour.
means that qualified personnel will not be available to cater for the pressing needs of the populace
as Good medical services, Quality education and better construction of roads. An interesting example is when my niece had a fatal accident, she was rushed to Kenya General hospital,
getting there we were told that She needs to undergo a surgery within a week. Unfortunately, the only doctor that could carry out the surgery has just resigned and migrated to The
As a result
, we lost Sarah because the operation was not carried out during the given period.
In addition
, Another possible issue is an overpopulation of the destination country.
means that more and more people
are now domiciling
are now domiciled
in the developed country.
can result in the high cost of the social life and
high unemployment rate
a high unemployment rate
the high unemployment rate
because larger people are now competing for available jobs.
For instance
, it was recently published that the social cost fund in Canada has risen by 70%
year when compared to the previous period.
, the above problems could be overcome if the Government can make available adequate sustaining jobs
That is
, if a skilled professional finds it more ease to be gainfully employed in his home country, he will not consider migration as an option.
, the Government can give more access to grants to professionals so that they can have a fund to establish
themselves which
Accept comma addition
themselves, which
will make them more comfortable if they have their personal business,
, erased the thought of relocation in their mind. To conclude migration is major social issue which can result
problem of shortages of key personnel and overpopulation.
can be reduced to the barest minimum if the government can make available more jobs and quicker access to funds for professionals in setting up their businesses.
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