With an increasing overweight population some people think universities should make sport a compulsory module on all degree courses. To what extent do you agree?.

, which is a condition of being overweight, is a rising concern for many people. Some people are of the view that by incorporating sports in all degree courses will help reduce
. In my opinion, I somewhat agree with the idea of making sport compulsory, while I
believe that there are other factors that need to be addressed.
To begin
with, making physical education classes a must in different degree courses will help people to keep fit. As people are getting overweight due to the increase in the sedentary life habits.
For example
, children and young adults spend more time playing video games and staying indoors, rather than playing any sports.
module will encourage people to participate in various physical activities, which can help them to lose weight.
, there are
reasons to increase in
, many people have poor eating habits. Because fast food is readily available and cheap, people tend to eat it rather than going for
healthy alternative
healthy alternatives
a healthy alternative
. If fattening products are made expensive, people might switch to nutritious food.
, some people are genetically prone to be overweight.
As a result
, they
can not
can not
control their
weight but
Accept comma addition
weight, but
they can take some precautions to prevent weight increase.
For instance
Accept space
people should balance their diet and perform regular exercise. In conclusion,
making sports a compulsory module will somehow help to decrease
epidemic, while other factors should
be kept in mind. If all the factors are equally addressed,
rate will reduce.
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