what are the positives and negatives of advertising?

One key part of the modern business today is advertising. Advertising is a very effective tool that influences economy all over the globe. In most cases, the more powerful the commercial ads are, the widely known the establishment is, and
, the company reaps more profits. In fact, advertising has many advantages not only for companies, but
for customers. Traders or manufacturers find it crucial to announce customers about their products and services, and it is easy to achieve by placing some ads in front of their probable clients.
For instance
, if a company sells books, it will need to add an advertisement with their address and contact details in places close to schools and universities to inform students about their products.
, consumers who search for services or products will find it comforting to know about their needs easily and became able to make better choices.
For example
, many cell phone users take their Decision regarding a specific device, according to the components and the price of the phone which are stated clearly in the adds.
, advertising itself is a creative industry that employs many people and supports the national economy of any country.
On the other hand
, advertising has a lot of drawbacks which must be taken into consideration.
, advertising manipulates people and persuade them that buying certain products will make them happier. To illustrate, it deceives them only to push them towards buying even if they will not get the stated benefit.
, the great number of advertisements leads the society to be a consuming society more than being a producing one.
For instance
, they alter people's mind towards following the latest trend and consume certain brands with high prices.
, some advertisements influence children who put pressure on their parents to buy them things.
pressure is being out of parents' hands. In conclusion, Advertisements are useful and necessary to push the industry and trade in the country forward. Adds has a lot of pros as well as cons as like as any other thing or facility that has not only positives but
negatives. The use of advertisements may be in the right or wrong way, according to the user and how he uses them.
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