Some people believe that people have the right to university education, and government should make it free no matter what their financial background. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In recent decades,
has gained in popularity in many countries.
some people suggest that governments should make it free, regardless of personal backgrounds, I totally disagree with
suggestion. There are several reasons why free
can detrimentally affect nations' economies.
, if the government had to pay money for all students who want to continue their higher
, these countries would suffer the shortage of the national budget.
money can be invested in their economy,
as building more infrastructure like roads and electricity, thereby making the nation wealthier.
, there is a lack of manual labour workers in many countries, especially in developed ones. By discouraging people from studying in college and encouraging them to participate in practical courses, there would be fewer unemployed workers, contributing to the growth of the economy. One of the compelling reasons to not make college
free is that the academic path is not the only way for individuals to be successful in the future. In fact, employers nowadays place more emphasis on solid experience than knowledge in the
For instance
, large international companies, especially in the manufacturing and construction industries, offer higher salaries for labourers who have the understandings and hands-on experience in their field than those who graduated from educational institutes.
In addition
, it is true that many graduates cannot make a living, or even do not have a job.
, allowing all students to study in college without any payment will not help them find a job in the future. In conclusion, governments should not provide
scholarships for all people. Everyone should manage to follow their study by themselves.
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