Using a computer every day can have more negative than positive effects on young children. DO you agree or disagree?

Computers have become a part of our daily
now. We can't think of living in a world without technology, internet and computer. All businesses, offices will come to a halt, if we remove
piece of technology from our daily
. Computers, with internet connectivity, can open a new world to us. It's not only true for adults, but
for kids as well. It
makes our
For example
, computers can help children with their homework, they can watch educational videos, learn about the world and can stay updated as well. Scope of knowledge offered by computers is unlimited. On one hand, there are several constructive effects of computers on children,
on the other hand
, too much of anything can be harmful and
is same for usage of computers as well. There can be several harmful effects of computer on children, in case it's used every day. I believe, the negatives sometimes overcome the positive and kids working with computers every day, is definitely not a good idea.
For instance
, eyes will be affected badly. Children will need spectacles early in their
will have a
long impact on their health. Unrestricted and unsupervised access to some contents may land them in trouble. Children can be stalked, harassed and manipulated as well.
, it can become a nightmare for a family
, I feel, we can't completely revoke children's access to computers, but we can definitely monitor their usage and
, make sure they are using it only when required or for a limited amount of time.
might not be enough to protect our children from the negative effects of computers. But,
is the least we can do to ensure their safety and sanity.

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