If a product is good or it meets people's needs, people will buy it. So advertising is unnecessary and no more than entertainment. Do you agree or disagree?

In the modern world, the masses purchase only those things which are of great quality and meet their requirements.
, folks believe that adverts are no longer needed and just a source of entertainment. I completely disagree with the notion because advertisements help people to know about new products and it influences them. To commence with, if companies advertise their products,
the customers would come to know about their newly launched
. They not only gain information about its features, but
tell them how to use it. So,
that is
why advertisements are needed.
For example
, Apple is a renowned brand in mobile-phone and mainly known for its quality products. Recently, according to their in-house survey, it is found that there is a fifty percent decline in the sale of the newly launched phone despite its build because they did not do any promotions.
, advertisement plays a pivotal role to sell new products.
, commercials
support the companies to push the customers to buy their goods because there is a huge competition in the market
the companies, and the number of high-quality products is available to purchase.
to boost the sale adverts are essential.
For instance
, in Inida, there are two big
brands namely
Accept comma addition
brands, namely
Bajaj and Hero Honda, who manufacture bikes. Their equipment is equally good, so to convince the folks to buy their
and boost its sale, they promote it. Thereby, it is apparent that advertising is vital to selling things. To summarize, advertisements are
important even
Accept comma addition
important, even
if the
quality is good. In my opinion, it informs the masses about new launches as well as help them to choose the right

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