Some people argue that school should no longer be necessary because children can obtain all the information that they need form the internet. They can learn and be educated at home. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

With the growth in
technology, students are learning through it by sitting at their homes, so certain individuals believe that educational institutes are not needed anymore. I completely disagree with the notion because, in schools, learners learn according to the curriculum, and they develop their skills while studying there. To commence with, the schools are necessary because teachers in
schools teach
Accept comma addition
schools, teach
children according
Accept comma addition
children, according
to the syllabus made by the educational experts.
, they learn only those topics which are essential.
As a result
, it saves a lot of time and efforts. Whereas, on the
, there may be a vast material available for a particular topic,
by learning from it can be a waste of time and energy.
For example
, according to a survey conducted in a newspaper, it is found that students who studied in educational institutes have
more precise knowledge
a more precise knowledge
of subjects as compared to the learners who learned by themselves at home through the
, schools are vital to gain information in less time.
, when learners go to school, they meet with their peers and
participate in events that are organized by the institute.
practice not only improves their communication skills, but
their mental ability, which may help them in their future to secure a reputed job.
For instance
, in a survey conducted by Cambridge University, it is found that there are 50 percent more chances of getting a job when students are educated from in comparison to at home through the
, it makes the future bright for learners. To summarize, I believe that schools play a significant role in educating children. They can learn through guided material as well as develops their skills vital to acquire a job.

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