Some people think watching movies is a waste of time. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, the overwhelming majority of the population watches films as part of their entertainment activities.
, some people consider watching movies as a useless and futile type of leisure. In
essay, I will attempt to shed light on the perspectives of
, movies are a source of enjoyment and enable a person to relax from a hectic daily routine. They teach us lessons concerning life, educate us, and open the frames of our minds.
, it
allows people to strengthen their relationships with friends and family.
For example
, teenagers may have different interests with their parents. Watching the same movie together can solve the generation gap issue and allow teenagers to share common movie-related topics with their parents.
, watching films can be a good trainer for your language skills and to understand the rituals and languages of other nations.
By contrast
, to make a movie interesting, many facts are twisted and exaggerated by directors, just to give viewers a sense of drama. That makes movies nonsensical and fantastical.
warping of information can lead to disastrous consequences, should any viewers attempt the stunts. In the period of the film, so many things happen and at the
kindness wins. But in real life, we have to do our best to succeed.
, adolescents of today’s society are very prone to get engaged. Most of the time films display
styles and habits, which divert youngsters to commit theft, murder, crime, violent fights, and
to adopt bad things
as smoking and drinking. Teenagers try to copy their idols, even if they cannot afford to do so. To sum up, I would like to say that movies nowadays are having stupid concepts and mainly focus on entertainment, and not on spreading awareness in the society. They were made to spread knowledge about historical happenings in the past.

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