Some people think that cars are the best way to travel in a city, while others think that bicycles are better. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A few people are of the opinion that cars are the best means of travelling in a city while others think that bicycles are better. In my opinion, I believe the most effective way of travelling is by cars because it is faster and safer.
, commuting by a car is very convenient as less energy is put into driving depending on the automobile type, either manual or automatic.
, travelling with an automobile brings a sense of safety because one can easily escape harm's way and it provides protection from the sun or rain.
, cars are faster because it runs on fuel and one will reach his destination in a short time.
, people can relax or sleep in wagon if the journey is too long and a break is needed in between.
For example
, passengers can sleep in a bus during a journey, eat and
control the amount of cold or hotness they receive.
, those who believe travelling with a bicycle is the best do so because of its low cost of operating and maintaining. In my opinion, bicycles require a lot of energy to operate as it requires constant riding and control.
, bicycles are relatively slow and it could take hours to reach one's destination. To illustrate, it is less safe as it has no windows or shield against rain and sun and it can be hijacked from robbers. In conclusion,
bicycles are cheaper to maintain and operate, I believe cars are the best means of transportation for travelling because it is safer, more convenient and faster as compared to bicycles.
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