Old people think that life was better in the past than what it is now .DO you agree or disagree? Give your reasons and examples from your own life.

It is generally believed by geriatrics that, the
in the past was much better than the present contemporary era. In my opinion, I firmly agree with the given statement, as the earlier people used to enjoy the nature and there was no traffic congestion.
, people enjoy their
with the friends and family rather than sticking towards the electronic gadgets. In
essay, I will support and will elaborate my view with relevant examples.
To begin
with, one of the prime reasons that the old-fogey feels that, the old times were far more contented due to a pollution free environment; one can breathe fresh
and enjoy the beauty of the nature to the fullest. Due to advancement and automation in technology more vehicles are on the road causing a higher level of
and noise pollution, which was not used to be in the past.
, in cities, the feeling of isolation is there, due to lack of contact and less
owing to the hectic work
. Indeed, in earlier
there were only hundreds of personal vehicles, now that rate has touched the sky and is now in the millions due to which the pollution is surging, making the older ones to think of the bygone
, the past
and contented.
, at that
there were no technological gadgets and the people used to visit and sit with their family members in their spare times. Now the times have changed a lot due to
proliferated technology.
In addition
, the individual has become greedy and the world is full of consumerism, which have dramatically affected the minds of the individuals.
, the health of the person is deteriorating due to unhealthy
, food and the sedentary lifestyle.
For example
, a survey conducted revealed that, the
expectancy was double in the early times as compared to recent ones.
, the geriatrics was compassionate and satisfied in that era. To conclude, I fully agree that, the bygone
was the golden period of the
and the thoughts of the old-fogey are correct. As the feeling of togetherness, and fresh
to breathe and the skyscrapers were not there, have an inevitable paramount significance in the lives of the older generation.
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I really want to study but I’m too tired.

I wore a warm coat because the weather was cold.

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