Being a celebrity such as film star or singer brings problem as well as benefit. Do you think that being a celebrity bring more benefit or more problem?

It is always a debatable issue that
brings more problems or benefits. I think that many advantages outweigh the disadvantage of being a
as more wealth and huge fan base. On the one hand, many drawbacks are involved with becoming a star. One of them is the lack of privacy. To elucidate, celebrities do not have their own privacy like a normal human being. Everywhere the paparazzi, news channels and fans follow them 24x7 for some flashy news to expose or what is happening in their personal lives.
celebrities have to behave normal and properly so that
media and fans do not take advantage of fake news.
For example
, recently one of the celebrities in India refused to click the photo with his fans during his tour.
resulted in the news that his behaviour is rude and arrogant.
On the other hand
, there are many benefits attached to being a star.
, more money could be earned through advertisement. As there are many multinational companies and private companies that are ready to sign for their endorsement, for which they pay a huge amount for it.
, more fans following is added. To illustrate, if any
is involved with good cause,
as donating some amount to the relief fund at the time of need or making aware of the public about harmful products,
will increase the followers than earlier as they are considered as a role model to their followers. In conclusion,
there is no private life after being a
, more wealth is earned through signing campaign or advertisement and the huge fan base is added to consider a role model.

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