Some people think that trial marriage is currently a positive trend for youngsters in order that they know each other better before marriage. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There exists a tendency that engaging in cohabitation is on the benefits for young people in modern life, from which they can gain a better understanding of their partners. Some people firmly assert that
inclination is absolutely advantageous, which I partly agree,
, I personally see several underlying drawbacks of
trend as illustrated as follows. In the
place, young couples living in
pre-married situation can gain a heap of benefits.
, via doing so, both partners could have a profound comprehension in terms of the hardship of constructing a family later on through the time spent together,
, constituting their mutual understanding and role model afterwards.
For example
, the would-be mother will do housework and prepare for meals while her partner may have to join the workforce to earn money for their future family.
real world experiences would probably enhance the knowledge as well as sharpen the skills that parents need to acquire in their adulthood.
increasingly popular trend is likely to curb the alarming divorce rates seen nowadays.
figure could be stemming from the insufficient quality time that couples are supposed to spend before engagement.
On the other hand
newly existed tendency could
be detrimental when observed from many different aspects. One should be taken into consideration is that trial marriage might result in early pregnancy, which can be an unbearable burden for
a young couple who are still not financially independent. Once
undesired outcome has happened, a preferred choice would probably be abortion, which is extremely hazardous to the mother’s health later on.
, if they decide to keep the baby, the child would not be receiving the legal right and protection from the government since their parents’ marriage is not officially acclaimed by any government departments. In conclusion, I would partially agree with the scenario that the young generation reserves the right to spend time living together prior to officially marry to make one of their most important in-a-lifetime decisions.
trendy approach, if done properly, would surprisingly enhance the imminent married life of youths.
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