Some people believe that teaching children at home is best for a child’s development while others think that it is important for children to go to school. Discuss the advantages of both methods and give your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Education is an essential thing for children.The children must be started schooling at the age of 3 years old either in E-learning at home or educational centre such as school. The country will be depended by children in the future. There are certain advantages of both types of education system. Firstly, We will be looking into a Distance learning system that parent has the chance to monitor the children's academic progress at home. The teacher posts recorded lectures into the database which can be easily accessed later and it stored permanently. The school saves book material into the student's database and it can be read at any time.Secondly, we are going to discuss about the advantages of direct schooling that children have opportunities to get socialized with other children and it develops communication skills. The school has structured with indispensable materials which relate to subjects. It enhances child development and leads to better understanding. The school have included with playground and other extra activities where children can show their talents. In my opinion, I prefer that children must be attended their academic in school because the parent have not certified in teaching and have not had patience during the teaching to children.The teacher has certified in the teaching field and hold experience predominately.They must be known technique that how to train a children depend upon their ability.For example, I have been facing a similar deficit in my own life. My kid has AHDA issue and due to this he needs special support in studies. The special educator merely knows about concepts and ideas that how to train well. As a parent, I should follow their techniques daily basis.Consequently, My kid will be improved in academic gradually. In conclusion, As we discussed about both views related that children must be guided by parent and as well as teacher. The both roles as vital to the children's career. The school plays reputed role in this matter. Even though, The fees are high compared with the distance learning system.
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