Some people think the best way to solve global environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuel. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Presently, our environment all over the world endures a plethora of problems. While there is a belief among many people that the best way is the higher cost of fuel, I reckon that this approach should be executed and accelerated. At the outset, creeping up the cost of fuel would diminish so many environmental difficulties. Employing private cars as a most favorable means of transport, many people have an allure to use subways and other public transportation systems, which all are detrimental to our environment; because, all these vehicles burn fuel for their drivers with the emitting high amount of carbon dioxide or NOX to the atmosphere leading global warming. By increasing the cost of fuel, these people may lean towards other substitutions such as bicycle, zero-emission cars or teleworking and online activities which are not harmful to the environment; Furthermore, our planet has plenty of difficulties in our globalized world which reveals the role of fuel more significantly. After industrial revolution, most factories, which are all the gifts of this occurrence, have employed all forms of fuel such as coal or gas-oil in the past to electricity or alcohol in the third millennium. Although by activity of dozens of scientists and environmentalists most factories have been encouraged to implement green approaches, most of these methods are relying on recycling rather than plunging down or reusing, seemingly have not adequate to tackle with environmental problems. Hence, by rocketing up the cost of fuel, more factories and power-plants enthusiast other eco-friendly sources, which have remarkable impacts on our blue planet. In conclusion, based on above-mentioned reasons I strongly hold that this is vital to increase the cost of fuel to salvage our planet and to make our environment clean and safe with fewer troubles.
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